About No_Juan_Is_An_Island

No_Juan_Is_An_Island is a self-confessed wanderlust. He is a licensed pharmacist who has worked as an academician, an editor, and a clinical scientist. Today, he is a full-time pharmaceutical solutions specialist and a part-time review lecturer. During weekends and holidays, he feeds his soul with adventures and nature’s soothing beauty. He is a broken soul and the captain of his own shit.

No Juan is an Island says —

In a time and world when and where most information is just a mouse click or “Google” away, it’s as if undergoing something personal is no longer necessary. The internet with all its provisions, and the concept of “existing second-hand through someone else’s know-how” seem to have deceptively become the universal sense of whatsoever.

At one point in my life, I assumed I have discerned all the nitty-gritty during my university stint… where almost everything of essence can be found within the four corners of an academic institution. But when I discovered the doors and windows of traveling – local and foreign – I have come to realize that the most valued teachings in life can certainly not be said in black and white. Instead, these lessons must be experienced. Cliché as it may sound, but “experience” is and will always be one of the greatest teachers. So, stop second-guessing your next move. Don’t just exist. Instead of being a spectator observing this beautiful realm of ours unreceptive, start living it. It would surely make you feel a little bit more connected to the world. And as I always, always say – “Go, somewhere. Do not be a wasted soul, be wanderlust!

This site primarily shares travel and food posts. So come join No Juan is an Island as he inspires you and makes you realize that there is more to life than just breathing.

Take it easy ebri’juan’


INSTAGRAM: @no.juan.is.an.island


  1. Pleased to meet you and charmed each time your cheery smile graces my device! Here’s to broken souls and mastering our own shit. Break something, and let’s get started.

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    • thank you. nakakatuwa naman na may nagbabasa pala talaga hahaha. pantanggal stress ko dito sa work. puro kasi medical articles ang ginagawa kaya breather tong mga travel write ups. thank you.


  2. Hi Romulo/ Mulong!

    I discovered your site just now and it is impressive. I discovered it while researching on the places I visited in my #JourneyToTheNorth – hashtag in my IG. I will follow you there too. Thanks a lot!

    Jboy SJ

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    • Woooooow! Is this for real po? Father Jboy? Waaah. I’m more than ecstatic po. Thank you po. I just followed your instagram po. Thank you. Father naging speaker po ba kayo dati sa SLU Baguio for a recollection?


  3. Hi Juan…. I would like to ask permission to post your breathtaking Binurong Point photo in my Fiesta Islands of the World page andd to whom shall I credit the photo? Thank you very much! Hope to feature more stunning photos from the islands…..

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