Nuttin’ Better Than a Healthy (Eating) Habit

With the rise of nutrition-related health conditions through the years, more and more individuals are becoming more conscious with the food and drinks they consume. So whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, an environmentally-conscious individual, a health buff, or someone who is trying their best to eat and live a healthier, cleaner life style, please know that there’s an increasing number of shops (or grocery stores) to cater such needs.

Nuttin’ Better’s super delicious yogurt – my favorite!

While there are online shops you could check out and dedicated “healthy” aisles in big supermarkets, I feel happy that we also now have more shops solely selling (advocating) various natural and organic, plant-based (others sustainable even) food items. Nuttin’ Better, in Baguio City, is one of them. This shop has been my go-to place for my healthy eats (and drinks) since the pandemic.

Nuttin’ Better’s physical store at Porta Vaga Mall in Baguio.
Credits to my IG friend @foodexplorationsph

The store started as a small, pop-up like place to a full blown health shop at a mall in Baguio. They sell a wide array of good, healthy and nutritious stuff from trail mixes, tea blends, various ready to eat and cook vegan options and more.

Some of Nuttin” Better’s flower teas! You’ll love them hot or iced!

The food items that I have discovered at Nuttin’ Better also made me discover my talent in the kitchen. I got to create meals that I thought I’d never come up with and eat, and enjoy! Some of my constantly bought items from them are their yogurt (which one should seriously try because it is soooooo good that I can eat a tub in one sitting), to their trail mixes, their various spreads, and their own blended teas (their fruit teas are my go-to drinks at night time).

Credits to my friend Ghade (@makmakan_baguio) and to @_everydaymanna (Nuttin’ Better’s kombucha maker) for these photos.

So if you are up for some healthy eating and snacking options, go check them out at their physical store at the 2nd floor Porta Vaga Mall, Session Road, Baguio City. But if you do not want to go out, you could always send them a message at their Facebook and Instagram accounts for home delivery (that’s what I’ve been doing during the height of the pandemic).

Some food I have prepared at home using Nuttin’Better goods!


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