Long-long Nature Camps: Beyond Baguio

La Trinidad, Benguet — Ever since the pandemic, other than new cafes (mostly outdoor ones) popping here and there in Baguio and its nearby towns, nature trails and camps were also further developed and introduced to the public. With the need to do our social activities in more open spaces, such kind of places have become more ideal grounds for gathering and bonding.

One can put up his or her own tent or you could rent out tent from them and stat there over night.

Long-long, Puguis in nearby La Trinidad, Benguet is one of those forested areas in Benguet. It actually has several trails and camping sites that are not very well known among tourists (and even locals). In this post, I am sharing a very straightforward detail of one of those nature grounds I got to visit.

The nature camp installed some hammocks in between trees for their visitors.

📍Tiny House: Japanese Trail and Ryoji’s Coffee at Long-long, Puguis, La Trinidad.

How to Get Here: If you are coming from Baguio, get past Susan’s Veranda or Marosans Restaurant. Look for the Tiny House signage on the left side. If you are coming from La Trinidad (Puguis/Pico side), you will have to get past Ghasat’s restaurant. Look for the signage on the right side of the road.

Go on some forest bathing or biking or jogging in their trail!

Overnight stay: Check in is 4pm while check out is 9am; Day time tour: starts at 9am; entrance fee of 50 pesos

Features of this place:

✅ Coffee Varieties and some tea
✅ Rice Meals and Snacks
✅ Tiny House Overnight Stay
✅ Camping
✅ Bonfire
✅ BBQ Grill
✅ Rabbits for Sale
✅ Hammocks
✅ Photoshoot
✅ Trekking along Japanese Trail
✅ Biking along Japanese Trail using own bike
✅ Parking space available
✅ Pets are allowed

I actually had both Benguet coffee and lemongrass tea (not in photo) plus their homemade pancake!

The place has its own simple cafe called Ryoji’s Coffee that offers some really good Cordillera coffee and tea so make sure you try those!

You can also check out their pages:
TINY HOUSE : Japanese Trail
Ryoji’s Coffee and Outdoor Lifestyle


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