Highland Brew: Creating a Brew-tiful Coffee Experience

Highland Brew is located at Level 3, Sky Garden, SM City Baguio, Baguio City,

The Baguio local café scene has become more interesting and fun in the past months despite the pandemic. More and more coffee shops popped up now and then, silently filtering in between some popular large chain cafes that are likely to lead urban areas. We, locals and tourists alike, should perceive this as a chance for bringing forth diversity into our locality and at the same time, a favorable indication of both commercial and community growth. So whether you consider yourself a coffee aficionado or merely someone who enjoys a good brew, one should have the heart to support local coffee shops.

One of the latest cafés in Baguio City is Highland Brew, which found its home at SM City Baguio’s Sky Garden. With a wide array of snacks and drinks to choose from, plus a stunning view of the city, this café is slowly becoming popular among Baguio locals and visitors. What is more interesting is that the café sources most of its drinks and snacks’ ingredients locally, helping out other small businesses in the community.

Here is the café’s menu:

It is fascinating to note that their signature drinks are named after famous mountains in the Cordillera region. The Mount Pulag Cloud and the Amuyao Crumble are two of the caffeinated drinks I have tasted and I love the fact that they have subtle sweetness, allowing one’s taste buds to have a good perception of the coffee itself. Most of their snacks are local delicacies with a twist. The bibingka cheesecake and their meat pies have become early favorites from among the café’s customers. Surprisingly, even their non-caffeinated drinks like strawberry yogurt, hibiscus rose tea, and purple lavender lemonade is not only refreshing but also very palatine-satiating.

Some of the delicious drinks and snacks of Highland Brew.

Aside from the lovely gastronomic experience, the ambiance of the café itself is such a mood. The glass–wood materials used and the minimalistic design make the overall look instagrammable and aesthetically appealing — enough reasons for you to frequent the café.

Local coffee shops like Highland Brew should have our support as locals as they enrich our community. We must recognize how much zest independent businesses carry to our cities or towns. Such places are exceptional and if we want to enrich our community, we must support our local entrepreneurs and the products and services they offer.

A cafe like Highland Brew offers more choices but with less hassle for the customer, which in turn, makes buying a coffee (or a tea) less of a trouble. One can drink his or her beverage favorably, knowing you’ve paid for something as delightful as it is reliably and lovingly obtained. Local coffee shops equate to value for money.

And so the next time you are making your way to grab a cup of coffee for a late breakfast or a meet-up with a friend over a cold brew, be on the lookout for local cafes. Without noticing, you will most likely find yourself smiling at the lovely scent of freshly roasted coffee in the air and the amused face behind the counter, all set to serve you the best coffee you’ve had in a long while. You might just end up saying, “what a fresh adventure in a cup”.

Take eat easy.


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