Hiking Mount Kabugbugan (Bauang, La Union)

Finally, after what seems to be forever, I managed to get out of Baguio and see (and experience) a different scenery. This hike happened one weekend, and together with 2 of my Belgian dogs, my brother and 2 cousins, we went on to do an easy-peasy climb in Elyu (probably, something someone would not usually do in the province).

My dog, Adage, and I are waiting for the sunrise atop Mount Kabugbugan.

While searching for some new place to see in La Union (being the nearest destination to Baguio), I came across this mountain called Mt. Kabugbugan (or Mt. Puraw). Went over Instagram and checked some photos. I never knew such hiking destination existed. For years now, La Union has been our go-to place for it’s waterfalls (Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel), surfing (San Juan), and mostly for the beaches (since the province has a long coastline to boast off). So it was such a pleasant surprise when I have learned about this.

Sunrise atop Mt. Kabugbugan

We started our trip at 4 am and arrived in Bauang at 5:15am. We just followed Google maps and asked some locals and we were able to find the barangay that serves as a jump off of the mountain. We actually got lost for a moment but eventually found the right track after a few minutes (thanks to some local kids who gave us some directions).

It was actually a short, easy climb (around 15-30 minutes (depending on your pace and stamina). I am glad we started early or else, the rising temperature would have hindered us from enjoying the climb. The peak of Mount Kabugbugan offers a 360 degree view — from neighboring mountains to seascapes of the province, everything were a sight to behold. On top of that, we were happy to witness the sun rise that gave a more spectacular (and dramatic) view on top.

With the cousins.

After satisfying ourselves with the stunning vista atop, we decided to descend. My dogs Adage and Legend happily ran without their leash. I, for one, was so happy too. It was such a relaxing breather from the usual rainy Baguio weather. I would definitely want to climb this mountain again, maybe during sundown. After our hike, we dropped by the Agoo Eco-Park for some short beach visit.

How to Reach Mt. Kabugbugan:

Located in the municipality of Bauang in la Union, if you are coming from Manila, you will pass by the arc that say “Bauang”, which is also the area where grape farms abound. The mountain is found in Barangay Palugsi-Limmansangan, and it require you to turn right from the highway (you will see signage along the highway). Well you can always rely on Google Maps (we can attest that it was actually reliable).

Don’t be a wasted soul, be “juan”derlust. Take it easy.

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