David’s Edge (Davao City, PH)

After having visited several places here in the Philippines, I have noticed that if a certain place (city or town) is seaside or coastal in location, most likely they have a “baywalk” – a seaside promenade overlooking a body of water (usually a bay, hence the name). Other places would call it a seawall, others – an esplanade. Notable ones here in the Philippines include the ever famous Manila Baywalk, there’s Iloilo Esplanade, SM MOA Esplanade, and Cebu City Seawall to name a few. But one particular promenade I personally like is the Davao Seawall.


Located along the stretch of the Matina Coast is Davao’s version of a seawall. Known in different names, some call it Davao Baywalk and Park, others call it as David’s Edge, and to a few, it is known as Queensland Park. Unlike other seaside promenades across the country, Davao’s baywalk is a standout for some reasons.


For one, a replica of an almost 30-foot golden statue of Michelangelo’s famous work of art – David — stands pompously to welcome both local and foreign visitors who visit the place to catch some fresh sea breeze. This is the very reason why it is sometimes called David’s Edge.


Another stand out feature of the seawall is a replica of Denmark’s The Little Mermaid. This iconic statue of the Harbor in Copenhagen is crafted atop a rock platform supported by three huge boulders which are usually submerged in water during high-tide and re-emerges during low-tide.


This a beachfront park showcases a spectacular view of sunrise in the morning amongst the enormity of the Davao Gulf. In the afternoon, the seaside exudes luminously during the sun down. I was fortunate to visit this place early morning to witness the sunrise. I saw some people walking/jogging within the area. Some, even, are having Zumba sessions.


I was able to speak to a local who sportingly told me things about the park. He said that there used to be white benches ornamented with vines, a mini-zoo that featured animals like ostriches and mouse-deer, and even a shallow pool with baby sharks in the park. The place is also known as Queensland Park because it was constructed through initiative and funding by the nearby Queensland Motel. Too bad, I wasn’t able too see these features.


How to Get to the Davao Seawall:

The seawall is located along the coastline of Times Beach, just right behind the Queensland Motel. It is accessible by either private or public transportation via the highway adjoining Matina Aplaya and Ecoland (about 2 kilometers away from downtown Davao City). It is in close proximity to SM Davao Ecoland. So you can just walk from there if you can bear the heat of the sun. Best to go here early in the morning or late afternoon just before sunset.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.


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