Malajon Island (Palawan, PH)

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  – Roald Dahl


Nowadays, looking for a relaxing, and picturesque beach that is not jam-packed with people and resorts can be quite a challenge. Well, but for an archipelago like the Philippines, I guess this wouldn’t pose to much of a dilemma. The quandary is which among the 7,107 island you shall choose to bum around and have your skin kissed by Mr. Sun.


As I always mention from my previous posts, I like a beach that isn’t overhyped and off-the beaten track. Here is one island that is not frequented by beach-goers.


Malajon Island – more commonly referred to as Black Island from among Coron locals and tourists. This island is one of the ninety islands and islets strewn in the Gutob Bay of Calamianes and is part of Barangay Panlaitan, in the municipality of Busuanga, Northern Palawan. It is called Black Island because of the towering black limestone rocky mountain that abound the island.


Its overwhelming beach shore is one of finest beaches I have set foot on in the Philippines. The island boasts off powdery fine white sand that your toes would love, crystal clear turquoise water that is ideal for an all-day swimming with friends and loved ones; and limestone cliffs that reveal with a warren of caves. The largest of these caves houses a natural pool enclosed by formations of black rock.

DSC_0080 (2)

 Black Island, being uninhabited, also serves as a resting place for local fishermen. It is a place where people who go for an island hopping in Coron, have their lunch. The place is also known to be a source of edible bird’s nest, and the caves as source of bat poop called guano, and is used as a fertilizer.


Gutob Bay, the body of water that surrounds the island is also home to the world’s best wreck diving sites. Wrecks of Japanese vessels sunk in the area during the World War II have added beauty to the island, and has become a habitat of various marine life in Palawan.

FYI: Malajon Island was once used as a location shoot for the Slovenian franchise of Survivor.


How to Get To Malajon Island:

There are daily flights offered by various airlines like Cebu Pacififc and AirPhilfrom Manila to Busuanga Airport, Palawan. Travel time is 45-60 minutes. From Busuanga Airport, ride a van to Coron town for an hour travel time. Once in Coron town proper, arrange an island hopping trip to your islands of choice. Black Island is usually included in a Calauit Safari tour.


Calauit Safari blog here at

The travel time is 3.5 hour boat ride from Coron town straight to the Black Island. I consider this island as one of the stunning secret islands in the Philippines. So, if you’re in Coron, make your way to Black Island and experience unscathed beauty at its finest.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.


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