Let’s Eat: Cafe Sabel (Benguet)

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw


What I personally like in a restaurant is good (cost-effective) food and homey ambiance, And these merits Cafe Sabel, the in-house restaurant of the awe-inspiring BenCab Museum. The resto was name after BenCab’s celebrated muse in his paintings.


FYI: Sabel, a vaganbond who represents misery and seclusion, was often seen by the artist roving the streets of Manila. She eventually became an inspirationand a big influence to his works that he even decided to name the museum’s café after her.


Café Sabel has a very relaxing ambiance. The homey vibe is attributed to its colourful chairs, long wooden tables, awesome art pieces and the refreshing view of mountains, verdant surroundings, the museum’s garden and duck pond. A perfect place to enjoy Baguio’s cool breeze.


The food the restaurant offers are fresh and organic. I was told that the ingredients are from BenCab’s organic farm. They also sell jams, marmalades, native chocolate, coffee and homemade pickles.


Cafe Sabel is definitely a perfect match to the BenCab Museum experience. The café is open daily except Mondays, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day, from 9:00am to 6:00pm (last entry is at 5:30pm).


Cafe Sabel
Farm & Garden Level of the BenCab Museum

Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
Mobile: +63 920 530-1954
Website: www.bencabmuseum.org

For your reference, this is Café Sabel’s menu:


Farm Fresh Green Salad – 150.00

Potato Fries – 80.00

Camote Fries – 80.00

Sausage Parade – 130.00


Tomato – 90.00

Carrot and Pumpkin – 90.00

Carrot and Ginger – 90.00

Watercress with Egg – 80.00

All Day Breakfast

Homemade Longganisa – 160.00

Taal Rice – 150.00

Omelette – Spanish, bacon, sausage 140.00

Cinnamon Pancake – Ham, bacon, banana 140.00

Rice Meals

Grilled Fish Fillet – 160.00

Grilled Porkchop – 150.00

Chicken Cordon Bleu – 150.00


Spicy Tuyo – 150.00

Longganisa – 150.00

Tomato Basil – 150.00

Hungarian Sausage – 150.00

Basil Pesto – 150.00

BenCab’s Chicken Paprika – 200.00

Carbonara – 150.00


Grilled Chicken – 150.00

Ham and Cheese – 150.00

Tuna with Pineapple – 150.00


Turon ala Mode – 100.00

Suman with Latik – 100.00

Mango Float


Macapuno and Coconut Gel – 100.00


Cold Drinks

Strawberry Shake – 100.00

Cucumber Cooler – Cucumber, mint, lime 90.00

Lemongrass Iced Tea – 80.00

Iced Latte – 100.00

Iced Mocha – 100.00

Iced Choco – 100.00

Bottled Water, Minute Maid – 40.00

Soda in Can – 30.00 to 40.00

Hot Drinks

BenCabs’ Brew – 80.00

Espresso – 70.00

Cappuccino – 90.00

Latte – 90.00

Mocha – 90.00

Hot Choco – 90.00

Hot Tea (lemongrass, mint, Sabel’s or tarragon) – 70.00

This is an unofficial menu. Items and prices are subject to change without  even notice. Service charge may apply.


More about Ben Cab Museum at https://roamulofied.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/ben-cab-cloud-kissed-musuem-benguet-ph/

Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’…


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