Mount Jambo (La Trinidad, Benguet, PH)

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir


La Trinidad – the capital town of Benguet province in the Cordillera Administrative Region – is known to be the Salad Bowl of the Philippines because of the abundant supply of vegetables it produces. Being a few kilometres away from Baguio City, this municipality nestled in a valley has become a frequented place to visit from among tourists since it is also the home of the Strawberry Farm. Little would visitors (and even locals) know that there is more to La Trinidad than the strawberries and vegetables it boasts off.

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If trekking and communing with nature is your thing, then a relaxing hike to La Trinidad’s mountains should be something you might want to do the next time you visit this part of the Cordilleras.


Mount Jambo (also known as Mount Jumbo, Mount Yangbaw, Mount Tawang, Mount Jumbaw) is in fact a series of high-rolling and serrated hills located in Barangay Tawang. It is not a developed area where all you can see are cows grazing on grasses, some unique rock formations and a 360 degrees view of the La Trinidad valley and Baguio City.


*** Trivia alert: “Jambo”or “Jumbo”used to be a place for scout Scout Jamborees during the time of the Americans in Benguet, hence the name but locals enunciated it as Yangbo/Yangbaw.


The climb to the top is pretty easy. It is best to start your hike early in the morning, since the sunrise view from atop is inspiring and rewarding. However, if waking up early doesn’t appeal you, then a walk to these hills in the afternoon in time for the sunset is as equally stunning and rewarding as the sunrise view. The drawback though is that the setting sun’s view may be covered by clouds (at times fog) in the afternoon.


When the sun is out, the place turns into a golden field of grass during the summer or brilliant green during the rainy season. The air in the area is unsullied and the view it offers is just picturesque. You can even bring your bicycle and bike around the area. Or maybe pitch your tent and just laze around – reading your favourite book or even bring something to eat. (Just don’t leave your garbage, okay?)


I have sauntered my way to this place 5 times already, bringing with me friends who share the same interest as mine. So, if you are looking for a quick, but relaxing getaway during the weekend, make your way to Mount Jumbo and feel nature’s faultless bliss.


How To Go To Mount Jumbo:

The easiest way is to take a cab and tell the driver to bring you to the turning point of jeepneys at Lower Tomay. If you are going for a public transportation, there’s a jeepney station located near the bridge in Pines Park (Km 4). Tell the driver that you will get off at Sitio Banig in Tawang. Or from Magsaysay in Baguio City, take a Tomay jeepney then tell the driver to drop you off at the junction road leading to Tawang or you can start your trek from the turning point of the jeepneys. To your right side, there are flights of stairs that you will have to take until you reach a semi-cemented road leading to the hills of Jumbo.

Other mountains you might want to visit in La Trinidad that is relatively easy to trek are Mount Kalugong and Cachup Mountain.

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