Diguisit Beach & Rock Formations (Aurora, PH)

“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” – Jules Renard


What nature has made with its tools (air, water, land) on the template of the earth is both awe-inspiring and astonishing. It is perhaps in the form of substantially verdant forests, grand and towering mountains, pristine beaches or even spectacular lakes and waterfalls. As a nature-lover, I almost always desire to splurge some time with nature. I am personally fascinated by rocks – big or small.

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Aurora Province, being a coastal province, is dotted with uniquely shaped and sculpted rock formations. These add up to the province’s stunning landscapes and seascapes. Truly, the unbounded diversity of the Philippine’s physical forms will take your breath away.

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Enter Sitio Diguisit – a coastal, territorial enclave of Barangay Zabali in Baler, Aurora. The place is known for its off-white, pebbled-coralline beach that is smaller than the more frequented Sabang Beach in central Baler. It is also home to the locally identified rock formations and islets called “lukso-lukso”. They are more known as Aniao Islets (to some, Diguisit Islets). These serrated wonders are actually startling rock formations formed naturally by the unforgiving waves of Baler Bay.


It is said that the area is also an alternative surfing spot (Cobra Reef Surfing Spot), and is considered by surfing enthusiasts as a more challenging area to get stoked. If you are brave enough to climb your way atop one of the rock formations-slash-islets, you will be rewarded with a 360-degrees, stunning view of the beach, the bay and even a view of the Baler lighthouse.

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How to Go to Diguisit Beach:

From Baler, you can ask a tricycle driver to take you to Diguisit Beach, passing by other Baler tourist spots like Ermita Hill. Or if you are on your way to Dicasalarin Cove, you will already pass by the area. Being privately owned, an entrance fee of Php 20 is collected.

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