Batad Rice Terraces (Ifugao, PH)

Batad, a village positioned amid the Ifugao rice terraces, is perhaps the best place to view the UNESCO-inscribed heritage site. There are no roads that directly lead to this peaceful community of about 1,500 people. Hence, trekking is the only form of reaching it.


Painstakingly sauntering the rice terraces of Batad is something praiseworthy to any travel-enthusiast. These 2,000-year-old uniquely carved paddies entail watchful routing. With trails ample enough for just one person to pass through, a good sense of balance is necessary. Nonetheless, reaching the viewpoint, and standing in the middle of these wonders would recompense those risks. The landscape is beyond spectacular.


How To Reach Batad:

Manila to Banaue: Take a 9-hr overnight Ohayami Trans bus to Banaue. It leaves at 10PM from the Ohayami station near UST (Lacson Avenue cor. Fajardo Street). The fare each way is around 500php and it gets you into Banaue at 7AM the next day

Sagada to Banaue: From Sagada town, take a 40-min public jeepney ride to Bontoc for 50php. It leaves every half hour from 6:30AM until 9AM, then every hour from 9AM until 1PM. From Bontoc, ride in a van bound for Bananue for 150php. The van leaves from the tourism office three times a day at 8:30AM, 10AM, and 1PM. Travel time is around 2 hours.

Banaue to batad: Upon arrival in Banaue town, visitors are requested to register at the tourism office and pay the the environmental. You can then take a jeepney or tricycle to an area called the Saddle — the closest point to Batad village that a vehicle can go.

A friend of mine at the welcome post of Batad.
A friend of mine at the welcome post of Batad.

Some Essential Information One Needs To Know When Going to Batad: (from WikiTravel):

A jeepney from Banaue (P150 for tourists) will bring you to the Saddle, from which it is a roughly 40-minute trek to the village. Or you may get lucky and if you jump on a jeepney that is just about to leave for the Saddle you may pay only P50. The afternoon jeepny leaves around 2pm.The road to the Saddle is mostly unpaved and perhaps treacherous at places, but the views of the Cordillera Mountains are impressive. Also, be advised that not all jeepneys stop at the Saddle; some stop about three kilometers short of it, at the Batad junction. From here, it’s a 30-minute walk up to reach the Saddle (or if you are lucky, try to stop a nice 4WD). There are two jeepneys in the morning and one at about 3 pm at Banaue.


If you can’t get a public jeepney get a tricycle to the junction from Banaue. You will be quoted P400 to 600. Try not to settle for this fare but ask around. There are often tricycles headed to the junction to pick up returning travellers, especially after 10 am when there are no more jeepneys out from Batad. They may agree to fares as low as P50, although P100 to 200 is more likely. Walking in from the junction will take one to one and a half hours.


Since no road leads to Batad, there are no motorized vehicles to be found anywhere in the village. This means, of course, that one must get around on foot. (It also means that one can enjoy a delightful respite from the ubiquitous din of tricycles and jeepneys.)

You will find a lot of local people wanting to guide you through the various interesting places of the village for a negotiable prize depending on the itinerary you choose P500-P1200.


Where To Stay in Batad:

There are a few lodges overlooking the village proper, providing basic rooms with shared bathroom for around 300-400 pesos per person.

Batad Pension and Restaurant
Contact Person: Gina or Florence
Mobile: +63 921 737 1745
Hillside Inn and Restaurant
Contact Person: Maya Addug
Mobile Number: +63 919-379 9599
Mobile Number: +63 905-769-9796
Samson’s Homestay.
Inside the Batad Village.Reserve via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317
Cristina Inn
Contact Person: John Amehna +63 906 977 3771
Ramon’s Homestay
Contact Number: +63 927 678 3932
Contact Number: +63 918 243 9827
Simon’s Inn
Contact Person: Simon Illag
Mobile Number: +63 919 261-9566
Foreigner’s Inn
Contact Person: David ChuccarReserve via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317
Rita’s Mount View Inn and Restaurant
with Special Pizza and Chapati BreadMr. and Mrs. Romeo Nabannal
Mobile Number: +63 910 842 3076
Waterfall Side Inn
Contact: Charlie Ognayon
via Batad Tourist Info
Mobile Number: +63 905 926 5423


Contact Persons/Numbers:

Poblacion, Banaue, Ifugao
Tel. Nos. (074) 386-40-10
(074) 386-40-11

Banaue Tourism Operations Officer
Banaue Municipal Hall
Banaue, Ifugao
Mobile Phone No. 0921-808-26-67
Telefax: (074) 386-40-52

Ifugao Provincial Tourism Officer
Tourism Information & Assistance Center
Ibulao, Baguinge, Kiangan, Ifugao
Mobile Phone No. 0906-774-83-10
Telefax No. (074) 382-21-08
E-Mail Address:

Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City
Tel. No. – (074) 442-70-14
Tel. Fax No. (074) 442 – 88 – 48
E-Mail Address:



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