The Twin Beach of El Nido — Nacpan & Calitang

The beach is definitely where I feel most at home. It’s my oxygen. I forget how much I need it sometimes when I’m away working. — Behati Prinsloo

It was our first day in El Nido, Palawan. And instead of going for the usual island-hopping activity, we opt to go bumming in one of the off-the-beaten destinations of this laidback town of Northern Palawan.

What will greet you - ivory sand and turqoise water!
What will greet you – ivory sand and turqoise water!

This is perhaps one of El Nido’s best kept secret. The pristine, untainted and utterly awesome serene twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang. (Okay, I may sound unreal but hey, you have to see it first hand)! The undisturbed ambiance of the desolate shores of these beaches is attributed to the fact that it is remote.

So, after a 45minute van ride from the town center, we were greeted by swaying coconut trees and the gentle waves of the beach, as if they were saying – “Welcome to Paradise!” I was literally lost for words for a moment… I had to scan my brain for the most appropriate word to say, but I end up saying “wow” (which wasn’t enough to describe the place when you are there standing).

The view atop the hill.
The view atop the hill.

We immediately explored the very lengthy shoreline of the beach. We immediately noticed that the area is not frequently visited by tourists; I think we were the only group of Filipino visitors that time. The rest were foreigners who were already basking under the sun and azure sky.

The twin beaches appear to come from a two dissimilar bend that are tangent to each other. Walking on foot, one could feel how fine the white sand is. After a few minutes of  walking along the shore, my friends and I decided to climb to a nearby hill, which provides an admirable view of the twin beaches. The trek up the grass-covered hill at the end of Nacpan was a pretty short and easy one. The magnificent 360-degree view atop is just awe-inspiring!! A scenery as such is definitely a photographer’s dream coming into a reality. The eye-gasmic view made me tick my camera endlessly!

Other side of the hill...
Other side of the hill…

After spending a few minutes on top, my friends and I went down to try the waters of Nacpan-Calitang. The beach felt like it belonged to us, and that’s invaluable. This, to date has to be one of my favorite beaches in my country.

How to get to Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beaches:

One may hire a tricycle or a van to get to Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beaches. The standard price when hiring a tricycle through a tour agency in El Nido is Php1,500 per tricycle. Travel time is approximately 1 hour, one-way. Van rental, on the other hand, costs around Php2,500. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes, one-way.

Just paradisiacal!
Just paradisiacal!

We hired our van from Northern Hope Tours. We actually got a discounted price J

Contact Numbers: 0939-902-2216 (Smart), 0927-735-3221 (Globe) – Ate Neriz



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