Bacnotan Surfspot & ALPAS Coffeeshop (La Union ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ)

Surfing and Sunset

Did you know that La Union has a more quiet and more relaxing Surfspot that one can go to when the beach and surf scene in San Juan become more busy and crowded?

Bacnotan’s charming coast

Yes mam, yes sir! If you’re the type of beach goer/surf enthusiast who wants that old old Elyu surftown vibe, then head your way to San Juan s neighboring coastal town, Bacnotan.


Growing up, Bacnotan to me was just a place known for its cement industry. However, during the past years Bacnotan is slowly becoming another La Union favorite surf spot. Surfing afficionados say that if it is longer rides on a sandy break that yone wants, then make your way to Bacnotan’s surf spot that is only 20 minutes away from San Juan.

Beachin’ with the best!

ALPAS LA UNION: A Coffeeshop and Plant Studio. Located at Purok 7, Barangay Pandan, Bacnotan, Philippines ยท +63 956 032 7701

Alpas is one beautiful find at this part of Elyu. I chanced upon their Instagram account while searching for cafes in La Union (that isn’t in San Juan). Tried to search more information about them in Google but I never really found much except for their Facebook page and an article about a sunset session with Ebe Dansel last 2022.

Alpas La Union

So when my friends and I decided to go to Bacnotan, I suggested that we look for Alpas. And boy, was it a wonderful discovery. The coffeeshop-slash-plant-studio is a lovely find. The vibes/ambiance is super chill. They have a large outdoor space, a beautiful coast where one can wait for the sunset while enjoying a glass or cup of your choice pf Alpas drinks. BnB accommodations are currently being constructed so it’ll be really nice to come back once their rooms are done. Besides the nature vibes, the place is pet friendly which is a +++ points to me.

Ransom Alpas photos


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