Of Cakes and Of Pastries

Cakes and pastries make the sweet tooth in me happy.

As social beings, we love different kinds of celebrations as a means of gathering happy people. And what better way to put out that happiness over the top? It’s when we include a beautifully made and deliciously baked cakes. for everyone to enjoy.

Bee Cake by Our Daily Bread by Kakang (left), Ube Flan Cake by Queen Baker (right)

Ever since the pandemic happened, a good number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) came about. Since then, I have made a deeper appreciation to these local businesses. Also, I have been very vocal in supporting them. A big part of those that I have been supporting and promoting are local bakers, and cafes/restos.

Honestly, there is something special about getting a cake from a local business instead of the commercialized ones. Locally bought products like cakes and pastries means we are supporting the local community. And that’s a pretty good and happy feeling.

Liquor-thmed cake in strawberry flavor by Our Daily Bread by Kakang

Moreover, I have noticed that small food businesses, seem to put delicate time and effort into every dish (or cake in the case of local bakers) they create. All my experiences with local bakers I have been supporting whenever I order a product from them is an extraordinary one. yi feel so assured of the quality knowing that I am getting nothing but the very best.

Follow Our Daily Bread by Kakang on Facebook and IG


I have discovered this local cake creator via Facebook. Immediately sent a DM to their page and the next thing I know, I was already indulging myself with two of Karen’s (aka Kakang) artistically made and palatine-satiating cakes.

Our Daily Bread by Kakang is based in Catbangen, San Fernando City in La Union. Karen, the baker behind these lovely sweets started her amall baking business in 2018 but has officially called it “Our Daily Bread by Kakang” in 2022.

Moist chocolate cake

I had a pep talk with Karen and she shared to me that her family serves as her main inspiration when she started out. Just like other product”creators”, Karen finds happiness and satisfaction whenever her customers share appreciation and positive feedbacks.

Other than cakes of different sizes and flavors, Our Daily Bread by Kakang also makes cookies and other foodies like brownies. Check out her socials (Facebook and Instagram ) should you be interested to make an order (especially if you are from around Elyu).

Something chocolatey by Queen B

QUEEN BAKER: My all-time favorite local baker in Baguio

One of the early reasons why I got hooked with food photography and food styling was Queen Baker and her array of uber satisfying cakes and pastries.

A pharmacist by profession, Jane, the baker extraordinaire behind Queen Baker, started baking in small batches. Today, she is one of the moat well loved bakers within Baguio and La Trinidad.

Lemon – Strawberry Bundt Cake by Queen Baler

Queen Baker bakes a wide range of saccharine goodies. Some of her bestsellers include blueberry cheesecake, ultimate chocolate cake, carrot cake (my ultimate favorite), ube cake, and caramel cake with flan on top. Other sweets like her custaroons (another personal favorite of mine), banana bread/muffins, cheesy ensayamada, and cookies like oreo cheesecake and matcha cookies. You will surely never run out of options!

The best carrot cake in Baguio šŸ„•

Check Queen Baker on Instagram and Facebook!


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