Staycation 101: Tagaytay City, PH

A vacation is almost always equated with traveling. And traveling, most of the time would involve island hopping, beach-bumming, and sight-seeing or even engaging in various adventures to a significantly distant place. While it is true that there is an undeniable amount of joy doing these activities, I admit that it can be pretty tiresome too. So when an opportunity to unwind at some place near the metro came about, I instantly took the chance and experience what most people call “staycation”.


A staycation is a portmanteau of the words “stay” and “vacation”. It means staying in or hanging out in one’s local area instead of traveling domestically or internationally. The idea is for a person to stay at home OR does leisure activities within driving distance – like sleeping, cooking, reading and doing other stuff inside a homey place. To a certain extent, staycation could also mean taking a day trip to local tourist sites, swimming at a backyard pool or to nearby resorts, or visiting museums.

So what benefits can one derive from staycations? Well for one, staycations are less costly than a vacation involving traveling. Lesser lodging costs and obviously, the travel expenses are minimal especially when one opts to spend a vacation at home watching movies and series or catching up with reading your favorite book.  Furthermore, staycations do not bring about stress associated with travel, such as packing, long drives/travel time, waiting hours at the airport and the thought of delayed flights. The most one has to worry about is how to keep one’s self-entertained. A staycation is also easier to plan.

And the best part of a staycation? Utmost relaxation! If you’re constantly stressed out by work, family obligation and or other issues, then a staycation is exactly what one needs to relax and one gets to set his or her own pace where strict schedules are not implemented. True enough, staycations are a great way to unwind.

Tagaytay City, a popular place for a quick getaway south of Manila, is one perfect place for a staycation. With its cool and breezy climate, strategic location (sitting on a ridge above Taal Volcano Island) and bounded by numerous easy-to-access sights and restaurants, this city is surely a hit to people yearning to have a relaxing escape from the metro’s hustle-bustle.

Through a friend’s recommendation, I had an amazing and truly relaxing staycation in one of Tagaytay’s suburb. Immediately after work, with my light packed bag, I made my way to Tagaytay’s Highland. A friend brought me to this residential village called Woodsborough Log Homes. This is a protected community with gated entry points staffed by a security guard where only guests can enter.

I arrived night time and I was greeted by cool wind and some fog hovering the area. I noticed immediately that trees bound the area. My eyes became ecstatic to see the various American log houses built inside the village. I was then ushered to the house where I am staying. To my surprise, my abode for the night is a 3-storey log house with 4 rooms. And I was the only 1 who’s staying. I am not very good at describing how satisfying and lovely the home is so I am leaving these photos to entice you, my readers.


The following day, I got to explore the village. I was even more amazed to see how serene and pleasant the area is.

All houses are exquisitely designed concrete log duplex with a porch, a living room with country style furnishings and a kitchen. The rooms are cozy with beds that are truly relaxing. I also like that large picture window greets every visitor as they walk up the stairs. The area of each home is surrounded by flowers and trees giving that “I am one with nature” feels.


The subdivision is in close proximity to The Puzzle Mansion. So I just walked leisurely towards the mansion and had a great time marveling at the owner’s awesome puzzles collection that includes the world’s largest. Also, I went to check nearby restos and tried some sumptuous eats. My friend also brought me to some resorts that I am most certain of trying out the next time in Tagaytay. I spent 2 days at this beautiful abode doing nothing except for some visit to nearby places. The very essence of a staycation indeed is achieved. Will I do another staycation? Well definitely yes. To my friends who has been asking, here are some details. Besides the beautiful log homes of Woodsborough, you might also want to stay at other equally relaxing and homey places (for rent) like these ones.

Arthur’s Place have the following amenities: 7 villas, 3 function halls, a half basketball court, playground for children, a swimming pool, and an activity area that is conducive for various events like weddings, birthday parties and even company outing.

The Hidden Villa, on the other hand, is a residential place with 4 bedrooms (2 with aircon), 4 toilet and bath, kitchen with cook wares, a pretty dining room. Other amenities include wifi, a pools that is 3 feet to 6 feet in depth, and videoke. The place is nestled in a quiet community, away from busy streets and activities.

Kubo-Kubo, as the name implies, are tiny homes in “kubo” or Pinoy cottage style. Aside from the cute kubo with cozy bedrooms, amenities include a 6-foot pool (for adults), and 3 foot kiddie pool. There is also a barbecue grilling station, and a videoke (Read this videoke lovers).


If you are looking for a great place to just relax and unwind, enjoy a weekend staycation at these places. You may contact the following numbers 09178450523/ 09176376045/ 09328800676. You may also check out

Don’t be a wasted soul, be “juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.



  1. Hi!

    We’re looking for this location as our wedding preps venue. Kaso medyo na confuse ako sa google map. And is it okay if I’ll ask your contact person details and send it thru my email? Can you send also more pictures of the place if you have? Ikaw kasi pinaka recent na visitor sa woodsborough. I just want to check if the place is really good from someone who experienced the place.

    Here’s my email

    Thank you so much! Stay Juan-dering! =)

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    • Hi Ms. Anj. Please check your mail in a bit. I’m sending what you’ve requested.

      I had an awesome stay at Woodsborough. Really quiet and relaxing. Hope you too will enjoy. Best wishes on your wedding.


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