Let’s Eat: Masa Mexitalian Grub (Baguio City)

Because of my undying love for pistachios and sundried tomatoes, I went on to try a relatively new restaurant in Baguio called MASA: Mexitalian Grub. Since it is just near our place, I opted to walk my way.

I saw a post a pistachio pizza post while browsing my Instagram one time. I was kinda disappointed when it wasn’t a food offering around Manila area. Out of nowhere, I went on to google “pistachio pizza Baguio” and to my surprise, a Baguio-based food blog site mentioned that there is this resto that offers such pizza. I went to check on the address and I was delighted to know that it is near our place in Baguio.

Next thing I know, I am already in Baguio, walking my way to this eating place. It wasn’t difficult to locate it as I am pretty much knowledgeable of the area. I was there just in time for their opening hour. I immediately noticed the interior filled with wooden chairs and tables and the large handwritten menus hanging on the wall.

Going over the menu, they do not only offer Mexican and Italian dishes, but they also have Singaporean meals. (They call it Hawkers meal), and they’re pretty cheap — even their Chilly Crabs). Since I was there for one ultimate mission (that is to taste their Pistachio Pizza), I shrugged off the idea of trying any of the Hawkers meals.

So, I happily told the lovely woman at the counter that I am having Pistachio Pizza, and Prawn Feta Pasta and Lychee – Grass Jelly for dessert. There was a hint of surprise on her part. Maybe she was wondering if I have someone else with me because of my order. While waiting for my food, I took a few pictures.


After around 15 minutes, my pasta was served. For Php180, I think the serving is just right for one person. I couldn’t wait for my pizza so I started eating. And wow! I love everything about it — the cashew, the flavorful shrimps and the feta cheese AND the al dente pasta! Just perfect! So far this is the most al dente pasta dish I have tried here in Baguio. My taste buds are enjoying every bit of my pasta when my pizza came out. Upon gazing at it, my eyes (and stomach) started to feel giddy in a good way. The sight of the grated pistachios and sundried tomatoes and bacon and pesto and mozzarella — made me even more excited. I instantly grabbed a slice and with eyes closed, I masticated it slowly. It was so good. Really good. I don’t know how to better describe but I hope you (my readers) are convinced that the pizza is really good. (So you better storm your way to Masa after reading this, okay?)

The pizza is good for 2-3 person so it’s understandable that I wasn’t able to dig in everything. I almost forgot I still have my lychee – grass jelly for dessert. I would have wanted to try their other offerings like the spicy wings and nachos but I was already full. I will most certainly come back here. Food is palatine satiating and worth your money! So there.

MASA: Mexitalian Grub is located at #65 M. Roxas St. (Trancoville), Baguio City. You can take a cab or a Trancoville bound jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off the “talipapa” or in front of Cecilia Commercial Building. Across this building is a black gate that houses MASA.


Update: As promised, I went to eat again here at Masa when I went home to Baguio this weekend and tried their Beef Ribs. And wow! What a soft and palatine-satiating ribs they have. (Now, Kanto has a competition in the house). I also tried their Manzo Pizza. There is so much more to try so I’ll be back again soon.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebriwan.



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