Siniloan Waterfalls (Laguna, PH)

Waterfalls have certain charm that makes me want to explore more of them. So, one weekend, a few Instagram friends and I decided to explore some of the off-the-beaten path waterfalls of the easternmost town of Laguna province — Siniloan.

Although Sinoloan is primarily known for Mount Romelo and Buruwisan Falls, this town is actually home to innumerable, and not so well-known nature wonders that even locals are not aware of.

So here is a rundown of our itinerary:

05:00 — meet-up at Star Mall, Mandaluyong

05:30 — Van left Star Mall to Tanay, Rizal (we opted to take this route since we were quite unsure if the Raymund Buses at Legarda, Manila really leave on time. These buses go straight to Infanta, Quezon and would pass by Siniloan)

07:15 – Arrival in Tanay. We ate breakfast at Jollibee before going to the jeepney terminal.

08:30 – Jeepney left Tanay for Siniloan

09:15 – Arrival in Siniloan, Laguna (we took a tryke to the jeepney terminal going to Infanta)


09:45 – Jeepney left Famy for Infanta. We asked the jeepney driver to drop us off at Km. 18, Brgy. Magsaysay in Siniloan (It is best to tell the driver that you be dropped off at TREKKERS. I think they all know this place).

10:15 – Arrived at TREKKERS. Enter the gate of an old house which serves as a registration site. The area is actually a private property. The lady owner of the house provided us 2 guides (one of them is Ka Laoyan, a native of Benguet).

10:30 – we started our trek. It was pretty easy at first until the trail becomes narrow and pretty challenging. Our first stop was Tulay na Bato Falls and an unnamed falls.


After taking photos, we proceeded to the next falls, following a more challenging trail before we passed through Naga River). The river itself is picturesque. The river trek required us to pass through some large rocks, shallow and cool water. The trek gave us an opportunity to see another waterfall in the area (Hagdan na Bato Falls). We did exit a different route which was way easier than the trail we took earlier on.


12:30 — We reached the highway, had merienda at a nearby store and off we went to our last waterfall in Brgy. Llavac, the last barangay of Siniloan before Infanta, Quezon.

13:30 — we continued on with our waterfalls chasing. We encountered some funny moments along the way. We had to stop and ask how exactly can we reach the waterfalls. We talked to several locals, each of which had a different thing to say (even their local leaders can’t give us a certain answer).

14:30 — Luckily, we found a person who knew about the waterfall we were talking about. So off we went to the hills of Llavac and see Kalawang Falls. The trail to the waterfall was relatively established and easy. After  20 minutes, we already reached the 4-tiered Kalawang Falls. To me this was the most beautiful waterfalls from among the falls we have explored. We quickly took photos before heading back to the national highway.


15:30 – We headed back to the highway and waited for a bus bound for Manila. Fortunately, after only 15 minutes, a Raymond Bus passed by and so we were able to head back.

18:30 – We arrived in Ortigas, and we opted to eat dinner first at Robinson’s Place.

So there. For the budget breakdown:

Van to Tanay (from Starmall) — Php70

Jeepney from Tanay to Siniloan — Php 47

Tryke to Famy Jeep Terminal to Infanta — Php15

Jeepney to Trekkers, Brgy. Magsaysay — Php25

Guide fee per person (this is based on our discretion) – Php100

Bus from Llavac, Siniloan to Ortigas — Php140

Food – Php100

TOTAL — Php597.00


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’…





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