Let’s Drink: 19fiftea Cafe (Baguio City, PH)

There is definitely nothing as invigorating and calming as a cup of tea. It’s my favourite drink (hot or cold) and drinking one is something I look forward to almost every day. I drink almost every type of tea there is — from green to black to herbal to fruit teas to milk teas!


So, I was personally delighted when I found a tea place in my beloved Baguio City early this year. You see, rarely do we find a tea cafe. Most cities have coffee shops, but not tea shops. The cafe is called 19fiftea. It is a tea cafe found in the busy Governor Pack Road in the city of Pines.

Stepping into19fiftea Cafe will make you feel like you’ve taken a time machine back into the 1950’s. (I guess that is why they named the cafe such). I was greeted by a chalkboard with the variety of their tea offerings written on it. The retro-vibe of the cafe is a fresh of breathe air from the usual cafes in Baguio.


My eyes twinkled looking into their tea offerings. I wanted to taste a lot. Even their choices of crackers and spread (and cookies as well) made me drool while deciding which one to try. I ended up selecting several goodies. (Tried their cookies and cream, mango-cheesecake cookies, artichoke spread and bacon & bourbon spread). Having visited the cafe on 2 different occasions, I have tried their peach tea (my favourite), cucumber burst (a fave from among the cold drinks), dragonfruit tea and raspberry tea. All of which are palatine-satisfying.


The tea shop also features vintage designed walls and decorations. Even the tea pots and cups are so cute that you would want to keep them.  (WiFi is really good too – that is a plus plus for me). It’s a perfect place to hang out alone or with friends.

00PicMonkey Collage

19fiftea Cafe

Governor Pack Road, Baguio City

(above Andoks and beside Under the Tree Book Cafe)



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