White Rocks of Ambongdolan (Benguet, PH)

Having lived in Baguio for more than 10 years, I have been fortunate to have visited some places near the area that aren’t very touristy. One particular place I personally like is Tublay, a nearby town to both La Trinidad and Baguio. Ambongdolan is approximately 1 and ½ hours away from Baguio City via a hired jeepney.


Ambongdolan is primarily known for their caves – Bengaongao and Paterno (which I will write about on a separate blog). This write up is about our spur-of-the-moment bouldering experience along the clean, cold river of Ambongdolan and its gigantic white rocks.


So after exploring the two caves of Tublay, our guide asked us if we were keen on seeing their place’s little secret. They wanted to show us “white rocks” of Tublay. We felt ecstatic upon hearing this and so we had our lunch by the river and had some rest for a few minutes before we started our on the spot river trekking-slash-rock climbing.


Bouldering is a form of rock climbing performed without the use of ropes or even harnesses. Since we were not prepared for this activity, some of my friends did not came in wearing the most appropriate attire, hence, everyone were reminded from time to time to be extra careful.

And so we started traversing through the river, hopping from river rock to another, and at times wading across the river. Then, the sight of towering white rocks flashed before our eyes. They were beautiful. As we go on with the trek, we were now required to climb on these boulders. It was pretty challenging, but my adventurous spirit helped me enjoy the pretty strenuous activity.


Most of us were gleefully climbing across these white rock rocks. Everyone was excited to reach the top of it and see what’s on the other side. We were able to reach one area that gives a great vantage point of the river and what is found on the other side. We got even more excited when we saw these pools of water surrounded by humongous rocks. It was really stunning. It served as an inspiration to some who were already tired clambering.


When we reached the largest natural pool, everyone eagerly jumped in to take a swim. The water was extremely cold, nonetheless, it was so refreshing. We spent some time in the area just swimming and taking photos.


Well, you know what was next. We had to go through those rocks again as we have to go back to where we started. But since the entire site of spectacular off-white and sand-colored boulders gave us a wonderful experience, I didn’t mind climbing again.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’…


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