Tam-awan Village (Baguio City, PH)

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. – Aristotle


Baguio City is one place that showcases the distinctive blend of the Cordillera’s artistic and superb craftsmanship. This can be observed in some of the city’s parks and museums. One particular museum that shows such culture of artistry is Tam-awan Village.


Tam-awan in the local phrase means “vantage point,” a fitting name for an outpost of Cordillera houses built on a hillside that allows guests a splendid sight of the West Philippine Sea on a clear day. Tam-awan Village lets any visitor to take on an enriching journey with a tad of exploration on the side.


This artists village is also known as Garden in the Sky as it literally feels like you’re with or above the sky due to its location. Moreover, clouds (and fog) may hover the area any time of the day. For the past years, it has become a major attraction outside the city proper of Baguio.


Tam-awan Village also serves as a venue for art exhibits and workshops that portrays the legacy of the Cordillera and its people. Today, the village houses Ifugao huts and two Kalinga houses. An Ifugao house is characterized to be compact and simple, while a Kalinga house is more spacious. These huts are named after the areas where they come from.  From Ifugao, we have the Bangaan Hut, Anaba Hut, Batad Hut, Dukligan Hut, Kinakin Hut, and Nagor Hut.  On the other hand, the Kalinga huts are from Luccong and Bugnay. It i interesting to note that people who intend to stay in the village, may sleep in these huts.


So what else can one do inside the village besides experiencing an authentic Cordillera house? Well you can try the food offerings of their cafe. One may also consider it as a venue for seminars or conferences. An eco-walk will allow you to see some indigenous flora and fauna; and later on wait for the sun as it sets from the West Philippine Sea. Being an abode to various artists, it would be great to attend workshops on bamboo and wood carving, printmaking, rice wine making and of course, basic and advance drawing.


Those who intend to stay for a night or two, here are the rates: (Note: Prices may be subject to change without prior notice).

Lodging (per day): Beddings and towels are provided. However, toiletries should be provided by lodgers.

• 1 Person P 500.00
• 2 Persons P 1,000.00
• Additional Person P 300.00 each
• Group(10 Pax or more) P 350.00 each


Use of Facilities or Venue:

• Picnic Fee (9am to 6pm) P 200.00 / group of 10 (Entrance excluded)
• Additional Person P 20.00
• Function Fee P 8,000.00 per day (max. of 40 person)
• Cultural Show P 5,000.00 (should be booked)

*Only paper & pencil will be provided. Participants shall provide other materials like watercolor, oil, acrylic, canvas, charcoal pencil, t-shirts etc.

• P 450.00 per person per module. Choose from the following:

(Basic/Advanced Drawing, Solar Drawing, Oil Pastel, Water Color, Wood Carving, Bamboo Craft, Dreamcatcher making, Life Drawing/Portraiture)


Address: 366-C Pinsao Proper 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Telephone: +(63 74)446-2949
Mobile Number: +(63 921) 588-3131, +(63 915) 948-8773
Website: http://www.tam-awanvillage.com/

Entrance Fees: Children (P20), Student (P30), and Adult (P50)


How to Get To Tam-awan Village:

By taxi: Just inform the drivers to take you to Tam-awan Village, Pinsao Proper. All cab drivers in the city know this place..

By jeepney : Make your way to Kayang Street, behind and above the Baguio City Market. Ride a Plaza-Quezon Hill-Tam-awan jeepney or the Long-long via Tam-awan Jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off infront of Tam-awan’s entrance.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.



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