Lukang Cove & Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon, PH)

I never found a companion as companionable as solitude. – Henry David Thoreau


Almost every Philippine province is sprinkled with a number of beaches. Fact That is most likely the reason why a growing number of travellers are almost getting away from the mainstream beaches. With this seemingly endless options, an off-the beaten destination is way more pleasant as a getaway for relaxation and solitude.


A not so mercantile spot in the province of Quezon is Lukang Cove or more commonly referred to by people as “Puting Buhangin” Beach. It is a secluded area in Pagbilao town with off-white sand delimited by sheer limestone cliffs. Though it isn’t actually an island (as what most people think of), it is primarily reachable by boat or by trekking from the other side of the land.


When I set my foot in this place wayback 2008, the beach depicts serenity in its full glory. Lukang Beach may not boast off powdery, white sand present in more known beach destinations; nonetheless, it offers invaluable moments with nature. No hotels. No resorts No ear-piercing nightlife crowd. Only a small family that watches over the property and is kind enough to allow guests for a nippy restroom breaks.


The beach offers another attraction called Kwebang Lampas, an undersized cave at the edge of the cove. One may swim to the other side of the cliff through this cave. This cave provides a shelter from the burning heat of the sun if you decide to swim during mid-day.


We spent our day bumming around the area. The beach’s seashore is clean and the water is so crystal clear that you can see even the small fishes swimming with you. It is one beach destination I want to be virtually unknown. However, as of the moment, I’ve heard that there are already cottages in the area. Well, development is inevitable but I hope they get to maintain the cleanliness of the place.


How to Get to Lukang Cove& Kuwebang Lampas:

Take a bus bound for Lucena City.From Manila, the travel time is about 3 hours. Alight at Lucena Grand Terminal, the, ride another bus to Unisan. This time, travel time would be around 1& a half hours.Tell the conductor/driver to drop you off at the QCRB Bank (Padre Burgos town). Take a tricycle to Aplaya. Tell the driver you intend to go to Borawan.From Aplaya, there are boats for rent. These boats can take you on an island-hopping tour with stops in Puting Buhangin (Pagbilao), Dampalitan Island and Borawan Island.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebriwan.

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