Lambug Beach (Badian, Cebu, Philippines)

“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” – Amit Ray


This is a somewhat unfamiliar beach tucked 98 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, in the town of Badian. This coastal town is more known for Kawasan Falls. ( ) Moreover, it is over-shadowed by its neighboring won of Moalboal for its beaches. But, in case you want a serene and seamless beach to yourself and perhaps, with your friends or loved ones – consider the unspoiled beauty of Lambug Beach.

DSC_1792 DSC_1761

The beach shows off a long stretch of white powdery sand and non-teeming resorts. This hidden gem is also a perfect spot for both the sunrise and the sunset. The place is not yet fully developed (which I like by the way). But it has many rentable cottages and a few rooms for rent from not so high-end resorts offering basic amenities. At Lambug Beach, one need not spend too much to experience a secluded beach front.

DSC_0031 DSC_1809

Where To Stay:

Magic Beach Resort 09154586637 or 09261205042
Grandeur Beach Resort 09262789880; 0908992490; 09333383686
Manang Virgie’s Beach Resort 09261745671, 09359251828, 09067378068.


How To Get There:

From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for. You will pass by the towns of Barili, Dumanjug, Ronda, Alcantara and Moalboal Travel time is about  3 hours up to Badian Town proper. Inform the bus conductor to drop you off in Badian public market or right at the crossing going to Lambug Beach where you could see a signage “Cebu International Golf and Resort”. (Both drop off area have available tricycle. Then, you eventually arrive at the Lambug port area,. From there, the resorts mentioned are accessible on foot.



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