Abseiling 101 (Kennon Road, Benguet, PH)

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. – Helen Keller, The Open Door

abseil (3)

Abseiling (from the German word abseilen, meaning “to rope down”), also called rappelling, is the controlled descent of a vertical drop, using a rope and a device to provide friction to control the descent. This entails a person to carefully and systematically examine, take time, set up the rappelling knots, harness, rappelling rope and equipment. This activity requires establishing protection as a back up before beginning the abseil, like setting up a belay or placing a Prusik knot above the descender on the rappelling rope. Henceforth, in doing such extreme/risky adventure, it is vital to get qualified individualized instruction, before rappelling.

abseiling (1)

On the other side of the Baguio down to Kennon Road is the municipality of Tuba – a 30 to 45 minutes jeepney or PUV ride away from the city. A jagged town with tons of potential of becoming an adventure hub as it is now being established as a site for rappelling, bouldering, and rock climbing.

abseiling (2)

In one of the towering bridges along Kennon Road, one may do abseiling. This extreme adventure is not for the feeble heart. But if you are an exploration enthusiast, the adrenaline this activity offers, will surely make you desire for more.
abseil (1)
You can check out http://baguioadventure.weebly.com/photos-and-video.html if you are interested in doing this activity and many more (ie bouldering, river trekking and spelunking).



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