Kawasan Falls (Cebu, Philippines)

The island province of Cebu is home to many natural wonders. This includes various majestic waterfalls. One of the most-visited is Kawasan Waterfalls.


Kawasan Falls is located at Matutinao Badian, Cebu. Getting to the waterfalls requires more than a kilometer easy walk from the main road. There are no vehicles that would take you there, as the local government is trying to protect the area from things that could possibly destroy it’s natural beauty.

How to Reach Kawasan Falls:
Once in Cebu, make your way to Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT).
Either take a cab or ride a jeepney (so long as you know Cebu City that much).
Fare:         Taxi                   =                Php 80.00 (+ -)
                 Jeepney             =                Php 7.50
Upon arrival at Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT). one may choose from the three Bus Companies plying for that route. The CERES BUS, LIBRANDO BUS, and the ROUGH RIDERS BUS.
Note: Ceres Bus and Rough Riders Bus can be found inside the Cebu South Bus Terminal, while Librando Bus can be found at it’s own terminal located right across the Cebu South Bus Terminal.
Fare:   Ceres Bus                     =      Php 120.00 ( + – )
           Librando Bus                =      Php 120.00 ( + – )
           Rough Rider Bus          =       Php 120.00 (+ – )
NOTE: The trip usually take 2 hours or more depending on the traffic and how fast the bus goes.
Where to stop: Just tell the bus conductor to drop you off Matutinao Badian Church or just simply say at the jump-off of Kawasan Waterfalls.