Stingless Jellyfish of Tojoman Lagoon (Philippines)

Move like a jellyfish, rhythm means nothing.You go with the flow you don’t stop.” ― Jack Johnson

Bucas Grande of Surigao del Norte is regarded as the “Home of the stingless jellyfish”.

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Situated on the far eastern part of the province of Surigao del Norte is the island town of Socorro in Surigao del Norte and in here, lies the Bucas Grande group of islands. It is also known as the Sohoton Cove National Park. (This should not be confused with the one found inDSC_3950


Samar province in the Visayas). This island is packed with abundant caves and unspoiled, white sand beaches, inland lakes and lagoons, mangroves, iron woods, fishing grounds, and corals.

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One of the most frequented and anticipated place to visit is the Tojoman or Jellyfish Lagoon — home to millions of stingless and friendly jellyfish. The species of jellyfish on this lagoon is the so-called Spotted Jelly (Mastigias papua, Mastigiidae). Physically, it has noticeable rounded structures and thick oral arms suspended below the bell. There are those that have orange to brown color and a few white ones with scattered spots.


Going to Tojoman Lagoon to see the stingless jellyfish, a paddler has to be hired. (No motorized boats are allowed inside the lagoon as it could disturb and destroy the habitat of the marine creatures).  One can touch the jellyfishes so long as they are submerged. They should not be lifted as they easily dry up, and may cause there death.


Fees collected at the Sohoton Cove National Park:

Environmental fee (50 pesos/person)

Boat Docking fee (100 pesos/boat)

Life vest rental (40 pesos/person)

Table fee for lunch (50 pesos/group) – 4 to 5 persons per table

Boat fee (500 pesos/group) – maximum of 6 persons in a boat

Tour guide fee (165/guide) – we were assigned to 2 guides

Tojoman Lagoon Paddlers fee (100 pesos/person) – for the small boat going to the stingless jellyfish



Where to Stay in Bucas Grande, Socorro, Surigao del Norte

Anthony’s Seaside Guesthouse Brgy. Taruc, Socorro, Surigao Del Norte +639086120983


Php600.00 for 2 pax (fan room)
Php1,000.00 for 2 pax (AC room) extra person: Php100.00
Php1,200.00 for 2 pax (AC room with twin bed)
Bucas Grande Balanghai Resort Socorro-Estrella-Pamosaingan Rd, Socorro, Surigao del Norte (near Socorro port) +6329078931233 Php600.00 for 3 pax (AC room)
Php150.00 per person (dormitory room good for 9 guests)
Club Tara Bucas Grande Island, Socorro
Surigao del Norte
+63 917 522 5500 Php10,000 to 15,000 or more
D&D Lodging Hauz Brgy Navarro, Socorro, Surigao Del Norte +639465697318 Php300 without AC and Php650 with AC/ night
Harkrisha Resort Brgy. Taruc, Socorro Surigao Del Norte +639283214736 Rate starts at Php1000.00/ night
LGU Training Center Near Socorro Port +639463178016 Php200.00 per pax (AC room)
Php150.00 per pax (fan room)


***Note: Rates may change without prior notice. Please contact them to find out the latest rate.


I was lucky to have been spared from all these fees as I was treated as a special guest by their tourism officer when I was there. And more than lucky to have seen these awesome creatures!!!

Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juanderlust”. Take it easy ebri’juan…



  1. Fabulous photos here. Do you have an underwater camera? Which type? This lagoon was featured on a BBC series a little while ago about the wonders of life. I seem to recall the jellyfish follow the sun through the day…is that right?


    • hello sir. i actually dont have underwater camera. all photos were taken using my 55-200 mm lens above the water’s surface. yes sir, they are some what phototropic. Hope you can come visit it sir. Thank you for the appreciation.


  2. Good day!
    Your helpful blog came out when I google sohoton lagoon.
    And it help me a lot. But I want to ask I’ve check many blogs , At least 3 bloggers says it is forbidden to swimming in jelly fish lagoon
    but there are still a lot of video or picture that is swim with jelly fish.
    I got a little confused. And i am eager to have a try!So what need i do?
    Thank you for answer my questions and apologize for my poor grammar. ^_^


    • Hello Nicole, thank you for your kind words. During the time I was tehre (being the only visitor), I was fortunate to have been allowed to swim with them so long as you do not hold them put of the water and you didnt put anything on your body like sunblock or lotion 🙂


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