Ticao Island (Masbate, PH)

Masbate, an island province in the Bicol Region of the Philippines, is a land of many surprises. Before I was impressed with a group of islands in this province called Burias Islands, I was first smitten by the charm of another island of Masbate called Ticao.


One of the 3 major islands of the province, Ticao is made up of 4 municipalities. One very notable town is Monreal. Found at the western tip of Ticao, Monreal is home to seemingly untouched beaches, and other natural attractions. The islets that look like emerald gems floating in the azure waters would melt any beach bummer’s heart.


Swim inside the Bojo Cave, snorkel at the Halea Nature Park, bum around San Miguel Island, do a beach photo shoot at Borobongkaso Islet, or do a quick visit at Catandayagan Falls.

So feast your eyes on these photographs as if they are inviting you to come and experience the treasures that of Ticao Island in mesmerizing Masbate!


Don’t be a wasted soul, be JUANderlust. Take it easy everyJUAN.



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