Soothing Soneva Spa Experience

I take a massage each week. This isn’t an indulgence, it’s an investment in your full creative expression/productivity/passion and sustained good health. — Robin S. Sharma


I’ve been busy for the past weeks juggling work and other stuff. Feeling the burn from my daily grind, I decided that I go on a 3-day backpacking adventure. Those days spent in the middle of the sea — swimming and bumming around — truly satiated the wanderlust in me since it’s been a while the last time I went for a breakaway. When I got back, I felt the need to go for a much deserved body pampering. And so with the recommendation of a good friend, I went to try this spa and massage house in Quezon City called Soneva.


I am a self-confessed massage fan. I like trying out different massage parlors and crack different kinds of massage as possible (eventually assessing which one the most is relaxing). I like ventusa, I like Indian head massage, I like “hilot”, I like shiatsu. My visit to Soneva gave me an opportunity to try something new – hot stone massage.

Picture yourself lying down on a massage bed, allowing your aching body and stress flux by as your deep tissues and muscles are therapeutically rubbed with warm stones. While it is true that a usual deep tissue massage can be really comforting, the addition of hot stones makes an entire massage experience more relaxing.


I am not very good with describing details of a massage experience but my experience with Soneva is really something I’d go for again.  My therapist (a lady named Emily) was really good. I find her knowledgeable and well-trained and knows exactly what she’s doing. I have been experiencing frequent back and neck ache the past weeks, and after this hot stone massage – I have never felt relaxed than ever.

I usually don’t make a write-up about hotels nor spas/massage houses, but I am making this as an exemption as I have justly felt satisfied with Soneva. The service is indeed recommendable. My hot stone massage may cost a little pricier than most types of massage BUT it’s all worth it, certainly quality service.


And by the way, their massage room is spacious with a pleasant smell, the bed comfortable that I dozed off, a clean comfort room, a lobby with a café (and WiFi); and warm and “smiling” staff/therapists. I’d definitely come back and maybe try their other massage like the Elemental Jade Stone Massage, Banana Leaf “Hilot” massage and Soneva Signature massage.

I went home with my body relaxed. I even went on to further read about the benefits of having a hot stone massage. FYI: Benefits include: alleviating the pain experienced by body’s muscles and soft tissues, improving circulation and getting rid of body toxins, and stimulates calmness and increase relaxation.


So, if you are looking for a place to get your body indulged after a strenuous day at work or ached from a hiking spree – check out and experience Soneva Spa/Massage.

Soneva Organic Spa

4th Floor, Forum Building

270 Tomas Morato corner Scout Limbaga Street

Quezon City, Philippines

Service Hours: Monday to Sunday, 1:00PM to 12:00MN

Contact No.: (632) 926-6249; (632) 0917 4071129



You can also check out their website at

Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’…




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