Let’s Eat: Calea (Bacolod City, PH)

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Aside from being called as the City of Smiles and the land of the Masskara festival, whenever you say Bacolod City, food like Chicken Inasala, Napoleones and Calea come to mind. Some woud even tell you that you really haven’t been to Bacolod, if you haven’t been to Calea.


Calea is perhaps Bacolod’s most popular bakeshop. Not only it is a household name for Bacolod locals, but almost every visitor of the city would ask where Calea is. So why is this cake shop famous? Simple. The sinful sweets they offer are just difficult to resist. That is why both locals and tourists flock their way to this shop, in order to have a taste of its saccharine goodness. 0f z1

So, if you happen to be in the City of Smiles, Calea Pastries and Coffee is one place you should not miss. Upon entering their blue-hued door, one would immediately notice the glass display counter filled with an array of cakes and pastries. It really was a delight to the sight with my taste buds starting drool. The freezers near the back have more cakes to choose from (mainly ice cream cakes of various flavors). It was really overwhelming that makes choosing which cake to try, difficult.

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Moreover, the prices are outrageously affordable for such munificent, salivating goodies. It made me wish there is a Calea Cafe in Manila or in Baguio.

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Calea Pastries and Coffee

Lourdes – C Bldg.,(across L’Fisher Hotel)

Lacson St. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

(034) 433-8664


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan”derlust…

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  1. We paid a visit to this cafe too. Nakakahilong mamili ng cakes. Lahat kumakaway para bilhin. Hahaha! And, thanks for mentioning Napoleones, ang sarap din nyan! 👍

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