Let’s Drink: Libro Cafe (Tacloban City, PH)

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. ~Henry Rollins


I have always wanted to have my own cafe-slash-resto. That is why, whenever I visit a place, I take time to visit some cafes and restaurants for me to take note of how they design their interior and what food and drinks they offer. One thing that usually fascinates me are cafes with unique and homey vibe.

While walking along the streets of Tacloban one time, a friend and I happened to pass by a coffeeshop called LIBRO. Obviously, the name will give anyone an idea that it is a cafe filled with books. Seen from outside their glass wall, one can get a glimpse of the shelves filled with books.


And so we entered that cafe to try whatever they offer (despite the fact that we just ate our dinner). I have been craving for fruit shake since day 1 of my Eastern Visayas travel. And I was so delighted to have seen a array of fruit shakes in their menu so I immediately opted for a watermelon shake.

Libro Cafe’s ambiance is cozy with all the vibrant pieces of art decor hanging, the many books properly arranged in the shelves and some different and relaxing chairs/couches to sit on while enjoying a cup or glass of your favourite drink. Though I only tried their fruit shake, the menu includes various coffee blends and tea products plus a selection of sumptuous looking sweets (which I promise to try the next time i am in Tacloban). I have read that they also sell some books. (Bookworms would love it here).


Corner P. Gomez and Sto Niño St., Tacloban City
Operating Hours: 12nn-9pm
Contact: (053) 523.2738

Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.


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