Kaangrian Falls (Ilocos Norte 🇵🇭)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust


The town of Burgos in Ilcoos Norte is often visited for two famous landmarks – Kapurpurawan Rock Formations and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. And just for the past year, relatively new attractions like Palpalokada and Burgos’windmills are also gaining their momentum as must-visit places. Little would people know that the town also have noteworthy waterfalls. One of which is Kaangrian Falls (the other being Tanap Avis Falls which I will blog separately).


The word “kaangrian “ came from the Ilocano term “naangri” which literally translates into “smelly or stinky” in English. If I haven’t seen photos of this waterfall prior to my visit and knowing that is the exact translation of its name, I may not have wanted to visit it. Hahaha.This multi-tiered waterfalls are located in an outskirt Barangay Paayas Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Reaching it requires going through a dirt path with farm land views, and some walking through narrow and quite steep terrain. (FYI: This waterfalls was discovered in 1998 when the local government was looking for a good water source).


According to locals I have met, the best time to come visit Kaangrian is during the rainy season (July to November) to see it in its full glory. I went there one summer day in April. I was quite apprehensive at first since I know that I might not see anything wonderful. When I arrived at the place, the water flow wasn’t as cascading as what I have seen in photos but I was still happy to see it. I even spent some time dipping into its cold water. Surprisingly, a lot of people were also there having picnic and swimming.


I promised to myself I will come back some time soon. Perhaps with friends and loved ones… and I will make sure I will see it in its over-flowing state.


How to Reach Kaangrian Falls:

From Metro Manila, ride a bus bound for Claveria, Cagayan and inform your driver to drop you off at Burgos town proper. Since buses directly going to Cagayan is quite scarce, the more common way is via Laoag.. From Manila, ride any bus bound for Laoag, then from Laoag, you can either take a van or bus bound for Cagayan.


Once in Burgos, pay a visit to the municipal hall. You have to sign up in the visitors list and they will give you a guide if you don’t have one. I went to Kaangrian and Tanap-Avis by hiring a tricycle.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’derlust. Take it easy ebri’juan’.



  1. hi!! my friends and I are planning to visit kaangrian this saturday. would you mind giving us tips on how to get there? 🙂


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