Pulangbato Waterfalls (Valencia, Negros Oriental, PH)

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. – Bill Blass


I have a penchant for waterfalls. One, because they are so soothing to look at and refreshing once you take a dip. Moreover, my liking for waterfalls make them a great subject for photography. I feel joyful looking at a cascading water with its texture silky and flowy and enchanting all at the same time.


One particular waterfall that stood out from the other falls I have visited is the Pulangbato Waterfalls. (Pulangbato literally translates into “red rocks”. Well for obvious reasons, the unique features of this waterscape makes it one-of-a-kind.

Pulangbato Falls is located in the Ocoy Valley, Valencia, Negros Oriental. The waterfalls apparently red hue is said to be due to the presence of red to orange rocks found in the area. In turn, it is believed that these rocks are rich in minerals that give off such color.


The waterfalls has a pretty extensive cascade. Though we did not try it ourselves, it is said that the cascading water pours down into a catch basin that is deep enough for diving. The surrounding rocks extend up to a stream that is also reddish in tone, making the place more unique and really special. The atmosphere is made more relaxing with the verdant foliage that abound the area.

There is a Php20.00 entrance fee and there are also a few hut for rental if you choose to stay a little longer in the area.


How to Get to Pulangbato Falls:

From Dumaguete City, the quiet town of Valencia is only a 30 to 45-minute jeepney ride bound for. If you are in Dumaguete City, take a tryke and ask to be dropped off at the jeep station for Palinpinon. Although one may opt for van rental services that will directly bring you to this place since a jeepney will only drop you off along the highway and will require you a 20-30 minute trek to the place. An alternative is for you to ride a motorcycle or habal-habal that will take you to the falls. You’ll pass by the hot springs on the way to the falls.


Don’t be a wasted soul, be a wanderlust. Take it easy ebriwan. Roamulofied out…


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