Nagsasa Cove (Zambales, PH)

Travel, it leaves you speechless. Then, it turns you into a storyteller.

Zambales, a Philippine province that once endured the wrath of Mount Pinatubo’s explosion in 1990, has risen to popularity for its secluded and seamless coves. One of these sheltered bay-like features is Nagsasa Cove – an ashen gray beach dotted with whistling pine (locally called “agoho” trees).

nagsasa (66)

The once rocky coast is now believed to have been topped by the ashes once spewed out by Pinatubo. A compact group of mountains serves as a backdrop and crystal clear sea water completes the charm of this place. Nagsasa Cove would surely summon wanderlusts for it emanates everything a nature-lover is looking for.

There are actually 3 coves in the area – Anawangin (being the most frequented), Nagsasa, and Silanguin – the last 2 being more secluded and relaxing as claimed by most. Nagsasa Cove (which by the way is not part of any island) is said to be a bigger, farther and more peaceful version of Anawangin.


Things To See, Things To Do:

Exploring the cove, you’ll be surprised that there is a lake-like body of water where the jagged, grassy mountains (that appears golden during the summer) at the backdrop are notably reflected when the sun comes out. A little trekking and you will find a waterfall. One can go further atop the mountains of Mount Nagsasa and have an awesome view of the entire cove.


One may also engage in various water activities from swimming to snorkelling to surfing to skimming. Just recently, I’ve learned that they are now offering kayaking and paddle boating. And after a day bumming around, one will be rewarded with a magnificent display of colors as the sun sets at this side of the Philippines.


There are no commercial accommodations at the cove. So if you intend to stay overnight, you might as well bring your own tent. If you don’t have tent, there are tents and other facilities for rent. Here is a summary of those that maybe rented:


2-3 persons – P300
2-4 persons – P400
4-6 persons – P500
6-8 persons – P600
Beach Chairs – P100
Hammock – P100
Volleybal with Net – P100Hut Rental – P100 (for a group)

Entrance Fees – P50/person (Day trip); P100/person (Overnight rate

Boat Rental to Nagsasa: P1,500 or P600 per head including a side trip to Anawangin Cove and Capones Island


How To Get to Nagsasa Cove:

From Manila to Zambales: Go to a Victory Liner station and ride a bus bound for Iba, Zambales or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Inform the conductor to drop you off the San Antonio town public market.

From the market ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Pundakit. It will be around 25 to 30 minutes tricycle ride. Then, ride a boat to Nagsasa Cove that will take an hour or so depending on how rough the waves are.

nagsasa (178)



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