Let’s Eat: Kiwi Bread & Pastry (Baguio City, PH)

Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself. – Delia Smith

Baguio is my favorite place, not only for its cool climate but because of the variety of food the various cafes and restaurants offer.0DSC_0639

A not so famous place where every food that I have tasted is delightfully epicurean is Kiwi’s Bread and Pastry Shop. Not the bird but the fruit. So, if you are looking for some new place to try on for their food, pay Kiwi’s a visit.

This bread and pastry shop specializes in home-style pastries. However, unlike most bakery-like shops, they do have a dine-in menu that offers pasta, sandwiches, salads and some generous, tummy-filling set breakfasts.1DSC_0630

Upon entering the shop, your attention would probably be drawn into the various bread displayed inside their glass counter.  The signature kiwi cake and kiwi muffin they are known for immediately caught my attention.

The interior had a comfy, and laidback feel and the aroma from their goodies would make you drool. You would also notice some media paintings that add up vibrancy to the place.

It was 3 in the afternoon and I initially planned at trying out their kiwi cake only. However, I ended up having a pasta, a salad, a muffin and a cake. Would that count as gluttony? Well, you can’t blame me if I was enticed to sample there dishes.3DSC_0638

I tried their Spanish Sardines Pasta and it was so good. It has to be one of the best tasting fish pasta I have tried. Next is their Greek salad. I am no fan of salad but this one is also satiating to my taste buds.

Then, I took a bite of their kiwi muffin alternating with their kiwi cake. I had to close my eyes to fully enjoy the texture and the sweetness that is just right for my taste. It was a sinful pleasure, it was badass!! It left me wanting to try more but my stomach is already full.2DSC_0626

I ended up taking home a piece of their brioche and orange muffin which I later shared to a friend, who eventually loved it too).

I am pretty sure this pastry shop is on its way to being a Baguio favorite – both locals and tourists.DSC_0635

Kiwi’s Bread & Pastry Shop

Address: Torres Street, Mines View Park, Baguio City

Contact Numbers:  0919-9902043 or 0917-5959936.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiwi-Bread-Pastry-Shop/488896031146607



  1. yong pasta with Spanish sardines….sinubukan namin, pero ang gamit ay local sardines at canned bangus…okey rin lalo at ang enhancement ng taste ay sun-dried tomatoes na kami rin ang gumawa…

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  2. may isi-share ako sa yo…madali lang gawin yan…ang bilhin mo ay yong mga overripe na tomatoes pero hindi bulok…hugasang mabuti at ibilad ng 2-3 days sa araw hanggang mangulubot ang mga balat…ilublob sila sandali (seconds lang) sa kumukulong tubig upang madaling matanggal ang balat…tiyagaan lang sa pagbalat…i-squeeze upang matanggal ang mga buto, kahit hindi lahat…pakuluan uli ang mga kamatis na nilagyan na ng apple cider vinegar, maski yong mumurahin brand, at kaunting asin, then ilagay sa garapon pang-istak…..ang vinegar will serve as preservative – kaunti lang…for one kilo na kamatis, ang vinegar ay dapat 2 spoonfuls lang….don’t worry, hindi matatalo ng vinegar ang lasa ng kamatis…dahil mura ang kamatis ngayon, gumawa ka ng marami para pang-sauce sa ispageti, panghalo sa guacamole, panghalo sa Spanish fried rice, o simpleng sawsawan lang…..ang isang innovation ay ang paghalo ng honey sa ilang spoons ng kamatis upang maipalaman sa sandwich…at pang-topping sa piniritong talong

    pwede ring gawing minatamis ang sun-dried na kamatis….haluan lang ng brown sugar, napakakaunting cinnamon powder, at apple cider vinegar pa rin….may pang palaman ka na sa tinapay!

    isama ko na ang share pati sa mangga naman dahil nagkakamurahan niyan ngayon…pwede ngang ang bilhin mo ay yong tumpok-tumpok para mas mura dahil pangminatamis lang naman….kapag magpakulo na ng pulp, haluan ng kaunting tubig, dapat kasi hindi matuyuan, dagdagan ng brown sugar to taste at napakakaunting cinnamon powder pa rin….at siyempre ng apple cider vinegar…maliban sa sandwich filling, masarap din itong topping sa piniritong talong…

    lahat ng minatamis na prutas ay tatagal basta hinaluan ng kaunting vinegar…

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