Dahican Beach: Skimboarding Capital of the Philippines

“You never really know what’s coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.” – Alysha Speer

When we talk about beaches, the Philippines wouldn’t probably run out of these nature gems. The peripheries of our archipelago is peppered with tourism jewels that is in the offing to be discovered.

Dahican Beach, a crescent-shaped 7-kilometer long, white sand beach, in Mati City, Davao Oriental in Southern Mindanao, is gaining popularity for its wind-whipped waves attracting skimboarding and surfing enthusiasts. Because of this, the place has established itself as the Philippines’ skimboarding capital and has become one of Mati’s pride.

Being located on the eastern coast of Davao Oriental province, the beach faces Pacific Ocean, hence the controlling waves and high winds make it ideal for surfers and skimboarders all year round. This is also the birthplace of Amihan Boys (a group of local surfing and skimboarding team).

Dahican is not only visited for the activities it offers. It also boasts off its soft white sand and warm clear blue waters. The place even serves as a sanctuary of marine animals from dolphins, sea cows, sea turtles and even whale sharks.

It is best to stay overnight at the area. There are reasonably priced accommodations found in most of the beaches in the village. For backpackers and day tourists, you can pitch tents or spread picnic mats on the white sand or at the Amihan Skim and Surf Area. You may sook for Manong Jun who is the caretaker of the place. He only charges around 50 Pesos per night for an overnight stay. The area also offer rentals for skim boards and surf boards/ lessons for a reasonable fee.

How to get there:

From Manila: Book a flight to Davao City, which serves as the gateway to Southern Mindanao. Flight Duration is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

From Davao City: There are several options. You may take the taxi or jeepney and be dropped off at GMALL or Victoria Plaza. There are a lot of public vans in those malls bound for Mati and are supposed to be faster than those of the buses that tend to have more stopovers. However, if you like to take the bus, head to Davao City’s Ecoland Bus Terminal. Distance from Davao to Mati is 165 Kms (travelling towards Tagum City). The trip takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours but you get there quickest by private car.

From the Mati City:  Upon arriving in the city, you can hire a tricycle or single motorcycle to take you to Dahican.  It will take another 10-15 minutes to get to Dahican beach.

Where To Stay in Mati City:


Baywalk Hotel

Burgos Street

Tel. No. (087) 811-4060, Mati City

Casa Rosa Bed & Breakfast

Dona Rose, Madang, Mati City

Tel. No. (087) 811-4082
Chew Citi Lodge

Limente Village, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 388-3104
D’Eterna Dormitel

Don Mariano Marcos Avenue, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 811-1268
El Pueblo Hotel

Nazareno Street, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 811-4677

Honey’s Inn

Matiao, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 811-4038
Hotel Beatrice

Bonifacio Street, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 388-4655
Lane’s Katulganan

Bonifacio Street, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 388-4989

Marriet Bed & Breakfast

Madang, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 388-3791
Mati City Lodge

Madang Terminal, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 811-5155
Villa Merced Hotel

Bonifacio Street, Mati City
Tel. No. (087) 811-1476


Blue Bless

ADDRESS :Sitio Pitugo, Barangay Bobon, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09186816917/09093696166

Botona Beach Resort

ADDRESS : Dahican, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09185255227/09209703518/09167968054

Cinco Masao Beach Resort

ADDRESS : Brgy. Tamisan, Sitio Masao, Mati City
CONTACT NO. : 09282824304/09194755932

Golden Sunrise Resort

ADDRESS : Punta Gemilina, Badas, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09219016192

Gregorio Beach Resort

ADDRESS : Tamisan, Sitio Masao, Mati City
CONTACT NO. : 388-3213/ 09197751712

Jambay Beach Resort

ADDRESS : Dita 2, Bobon, City of Mati

CONTACT NO. : 09219541272

Kanakbai Tropical Homes

ADDRESS : Brgy. Dahican, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09177197209/388-3657

Kubo sa Dahican

ADDRESS : Dahican, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09061552094/087 3883 574

Pacific Breexe

ADDRESS: Dahican, City of Mati
CONTACT NO.: 09088636710

Pinanpanan Beach Resort

ADDRESS : Dita 2, Bobon, City of Mati
CONTACT NO. : 09298475191/09296427393

For general info about Mati City, check out http://mati.gov.ph/IT_MatiOffice/

For info about the Amihan skimboarding community, visit www.amihanteam.com


  1. You go to the most lovely places. Have you been to Calayan yet? My priest son said it is one of the best places in the Philippines aside from Batanes.


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