Surip Coral Beach and Rockscape (Pangasinan, PH)

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. – Lord Byron


Bani is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. Located between Alaminos City and Bolinao, this quiet coastal town is often overshadowed by its neighboring towns’ more well-known and frequented beaches.


However, if you are looking for a road-less traveled place in Pangasinan province, where you can pause, relax, appreciate nature, get a taste of the splash of the sea waves and the simple joys of rural living, then Surip in Bani woud be a great option.

Being a coastal town, it is endowed with ruggedly beautiful seascape and rockscapes. Bani’s beaches fronting the West Philippine Sea is indeed blessed with its particular splendor and appeal. The coralline rocks dotting its shoreline, for me, is its major beauty.


Surip’s coral beach, located in Sitio Olanen, Brgy. Dacap Sur, has several coves walled by picturesque rock formations. You can actually go on a trek to explore some hidden coves and natural pools (make sure to wear a sturdy footwear as the rocks are coral like and could prick you).

Also, Surip is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and even recreational fishing since various species of tropical fishes and lobsters abound the area.


How To Reach Surip, Bani:

Bani is about 265 kilometers from Metro Manila. To reach Bani, take a Bolinao – bound bus (Victory Liner or Five Star) from Pasay City or Cubao, Quezon City. Fare is around P400, one-way.

Get off in front of the Bani town hall or at Tiep village (10 km away from the town proper) where tricycles can take you to Surip. A group of four to five people can rent a tricycle to Surip Beach for P200 (one-way trip). Visitors are advised to bring their own food because there are no restaurants in the area. Tryke ride can be quite rough at some point.


Where To Stay: Hide Away Sea Resort

Location: Centro Toma, Surip, Bani Pangasinan

Mobile: 0919-358-1812, 0919-970-0081, 0918-941-8673, 0920-459-0905

Facilities/Amenities/Services: Internet and WiFi, Air- Conditioned Rooms, Cottages, Fishing, Boat Rides, Billiards, Volley Ball, Videoke, Gift Shop, Restaurant, Scuba Diving Facilities and Air Tank Refill, Online Reservation. A conference room is also available for special occasions like: wedding, birthdays, seminars, and company retreat.



  1. Hi! Are these rock formations near the Hideaway Resort ? 🙂 I’m planning to go there before June ends. And I would really love to see these. Thank you!! 🙂

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