Let’s Eat: Arca’s Yard (Baguio City, Philippines)

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss.– J K Rowling

I had a first glimpse of this café’s beautiful interior when I saw an Instagram post (late 2013) from a friend. And when I’ve learned it is in Baguio, I immediately prepped up and check it out myself. To date, I have visited this café 5 times! So what is captivating about this place? Read on…


If you are eyeing for a relaxing place where you can read comfortably while delimited by books, cultural artifacts, and nature, then Arca’s Yard has to be that impeccable place for you. The moment I stepped in to this café-slash-mini museum-slash-residential house, it instantaneously seized my heart. (You know, I have a soft spot for well-illuminated, artsy kind of cafes).  It’s more than perfect to devote a quiet time doing paper works, studying or maybe just contemplating on random thoughts while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

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Not only is Arca’s Yard known for its serene ambiance, but also being raved for its unique and healthy food offerings. My personal favorite is their kamote pie. I like how soft and not so saccharine in terms of its taste. It’s a perfect pair for my artichoke tea! On several occasions that I have been to this place, I yet have to be more perfect with my timing so I can taste their rhubarb ice cream.

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As of this writing (I am updating this blg today, June 15, 2015), I have returned and have tried their pasta and a chicken dish called Crispy Lemon – Orange Chicken which are both oooooh soooo heavenly!

DSC_0334 DSC_0200


They also have an attic where a mini library is set-up which could be heaven for book-enthusiasts. An art aficionado will surely be delighted as well to see a wide array of antique collection of wooden spoons from different Cordillera indigenous groups plus walls decorated with paintings and artworks of Baguio-based artists. And my favorite part? The balcony on the first floor –a perfect spot for you to enjoy the cool, fresh and pine-scented Baguio air.

DSC_0209 DSC_0218 DSC_0219 DSC_0267

I consider Arca’s Yard my favorite Baguio café.  And if only I am not working here in the Greater manila area, I would spend my weekends at this lovely cozy nook.


How to get there: Take a cab to Tiptop Road. Fare from the town is less than P100. If you want to dine here, make a reservation a day or two days before. They also have rooms for rent too. You may reach them at 0922-8251880.


Arca’s Yard Menu (as of June 16, 2015)

Pasta (with Bread)

Pesto Carbonara Pasta – Php220

Tomato Basil Pasta – Php195

Chicken (with Rice)

Crispy Lemon – Orange Chicken – Php240

Fried Chicken – Php230

Fish (with Rice)

Daing na Bangus – Php195

Buttered Tiger Prawns – Php395

Meat (with Rice)

Pork Steak – Php295

Lechon Kawali – Php240

Longganisa – Php150

Pork Burger Patty – Php195

Beef Burger Patty – Php195

Arca’s Cheeseburger with Fries – Php240

Arroz ala Cubana – Php240


Oriental Salad Platter – Php200

Insalata Caprese – Php150

***Prices are subject to change without prior notice


Tortilla de Patata – Php45/slice

French Fries – Php120


Benguet Coffee – Php45

Frothy Coffee – Php50

Tarragon Tea – Php50

Arca’s Cloud Tea – Php60

Lemon Grass Tea – Php45

Cacao Hot Choco – Php75

Softdrinks – Php25

Bottled Water – Php25

Smoothies – Php90

*Flavors available include: Cucumber, Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Strawberry and Watermelon)


Arca’s Sweet Potato ala Mode – Php95

Bread with Special Dip – Php85

French Toast – Php85

Carrot Pie ala Mode – Php95

Rhubarb Pie (seasonal) – Php140

Yoghurt with Wild Honey – Php85

With my new found friends Paul and Pam!
With my new found friends Paul and Pam!
With the lovely owner of Arca's Yard.
With the lovely owner of Arca’s Yard.

You can also check out their facebook page here —–>


You can also check out my write-up on their newly opened art gallery at https://roamulofied.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/arcas-art-gallery-benguet-ph/





  1. Once I visit Baguio again, I hope I will be able to see this place…thanks for this. And I’m an avid reader this day and quite inspired with the idea…


  2. Your writing makes me want to be there, now! I wish that I could be but my priority deems that I stay put for now and that is in, 🇺🇸. However, I year for sa 🇵🇭 because I remember…ahh, I remember…..


  3. Your writing makes me want to be there, now! I wish that I could be but my priority deems that I stay put for now and that is in, 🇺🇸. However, I yearn for sa 🇵🇭 because I remember…ahh, I remember…..


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