ICELAND in Photographs

Iceland is a place of dreamlike exquisiteness.

With its overwhelming, unbelievable landscape – one would surely find his/ her eyeballs popped and jaws dropped. And the wonders I saw and experienced in my 4 day stay may just be a speck of what Iceland can offer.

So here’s a peek.










Don’t be a wasted soul, be “juan”derlust. Take it easy ebri”juan”…




  1. Wow! Gusto ko yang picture in the waiting shed with that backdrop! Ganda!!

    Bakit wala pa akong nakikitang picture mo with an iceberg?


      • Ah kaya pala wala ka din picture ng aurora borealis. Kala ko nga din dati all year round yun.. well, may ibang bansa pa naman na may sightings din ng northern lights. And I am so sure makakarating ka di dun soon!! 😃🖒


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