Arcas Art Gallery (Benguet, PH)

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. — Pablo Picasso

During my formative years, I found myself to have an inclination towards the arts. I always enjoy my art classes and would usually spend some time doing anything that requires creativity. This appreciation became more reflective to me as I grew up. Visiting art centers and museums is one thing I enjoy whenever I get to travel. I find every piece of work (whether it is a sculpture, a painting and the like) inspiring.


My most recent visit to my favorite Baguio café, Arca’s Yard, gave me a chance to see their art gallery. It is located a few meters away from the actual café. Upon entering the gallery’s premises, I was immediately drawn into some of their creative displays. My friends and I were then greeted by the gallery’s pretty and friendly owner, Valerie, the daughter of Arcas Yard’s owner.


After paying a very reasonable Php30 entrance fee, we were gladly ushered inside and Valerie enthusiastically shared some interesting and amazing information about the art pieces featured in their gallery, which are mostly made up of pinya (pineapple) paper.


The gallery just opened up this December of 2015 and the owner isn’t really certain (as of yet) if they’ll fully develop the place as an established art gallery. My friends and I unanimously and encouragingly said that they should because it is very promising. She shared us essential information about Mr. Asao Shimura’s works of art which is basically pinya (pineapple) and saba (banana) paper making and the many creative outputs one can create using these materials. My friends and I also love the spectacular origami art made by Mr. Leo Natividad. 


Every piece inside the gallery are just really amazing. I personally love the paper cranes dangling at the center of the gallery. We were even given the chance to showcase our painting skills by trying out their pinya paper and some naturally derived pigments to use. Ms. Valerie also invited us (and now, I am inviting you too my dear readers) to attend their Christmas BazArt happening on December 12 and 13. Please check the image below for details. Got the poster from


I really do hope Arcas Yard management will keep this gallery for good. This would be another awesome reason to visit Baguio (even if the place is already a part of La Trinidad) over and over again! Thank you so much Valerie.

Arca’s Art Gallery is at Tiptop, Ambuklao, Bekel, La Trinidad. If you are coming from Arcas Yard Cafe, just take a few meters walk towards your right and you’ll see the gallery. 

You can also check out the blog I wrote about Arca’s Yard Cafe and its awesome menu at


Don’t be a wasted soul, be ‘juan’lust. Take it easy ebri’juan”…


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