Tamaraw Falls (Oriental Mindoro, PH)

Think of your life as a waterfall; it may come crashing down at some point, it may have its ups and downs, but in the end, it will continue to flow.


Most people who frequent Puerto Galera, a famed seaside town in Oriental Mindoro, come to party or bum around White and Sabang Beaches. The close proximity of this place to the Metro Manila makes it a common weekend destination for fun and relaxation.


If you are not aware, Puerto Galera is not all about beaches and all-night parties. One side trip worth visiting is Tamaraw Falls. This 423-foot waterfall is located in Barangay Villaflor and is readily seen since it is found along the road. This natural wonder is made up of several smaller waterfalls which come together to the main waterfalls gushing down to a catchbasin at the bottom.


FYI: The falls got its name from a species of buffalo that is only found in Oriental Mindoro – the tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis).

There is no entrance fee as it is immediately greets a visitor from the highway. So one may take as many photos as they want and could even hang out at the falls’ immediate environ. However, if you decide to stay at the man-made pools to which the water flows, a Php30 fee is collected. If you wish to rent a cottage (Php150) or a table (Php30), these are also available within the area.


Tamaraw Falls serves as a relaxing and cool alternative to the beaches of Puerto Galera. So if you are tired swimming in the open sea, pay this waterfalls a vist.

How To Reach Tamaraw Falls:

Ride an air-conditioned bus going to Batangas Port. Bus terminals bound for Batangas Port can be found along Buendia, Cubao and Kamuning. Travel time is less than 2 hours sans the traffic.

Once in Batangas Port, proceed to Terminal 3 and find the ticket booth of the boat of your choice. There are 3 boats going to Puerto Galera:

Galerian Shipping Lines.

Minolo Shipping Lines.

Father & Son Shipping Line.


Once in Puerto Galera, ride a jeepney that is bound for San Teodoro or to Calapan. Inform the driver that you are getting off by the Tamaraw Falls.

Roamulofied out… Remember, do not be a wasted soul… be a wanderlust. Take it easy ebriwan.


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