Tibiao Kawa Hot Bath (Antique, PH)

The Philippines as travel destination will never run out of surprises. From our pristine seascapes to picturesque mountainscapes to enriching cultural experiences, the list would just be endless. You will even be astonished to know that we also have some really unusual ways of relaxing. Take this place in Antique Province for instance.737037_532123886847406_1305117720_o

Tibiao is a town that is being developed as an eco-tourism hub at this side of Western Visayas. Boracay may be the most well-known from among the places at this side of the country, but nearby Antique is emerging as a top notch destination.1450132_625223000870827_1474465172_n

Its biggest attraction drawer is a vat, a cauldron or a “kawa” as called by the locals. These kawa were once used for cooking muscovado (raw brown sugar). Now, they are transformed into a bath tub where one can relax while communing with nature and some fire under it to bring about a lukewarm sensation. Hence the term Kawa Hot Bath.1480616_625223054204155_1305732205_n 984052_532175833508878_2054606640_n

Tibiao Kawa Hot Bath is said to bring about a unique therapeutic experience. More than the relaxation, it’s the thought of being in a water-filled, large vat + fire underneath that brings about a fun and awesome experience. To make it a more delightful experience, herbal leaves and flowers are chopped off and are added to the bath for a more aromatic bath. 484882_532175886842206_705917748_n

Where to Experience Kawa Hot Bath

Peter’s Lodge:

Address: Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao, Antique.

Mobile numbers (0920) 499-6903 and (0939) 492-8554.

Tibiao White Water Kayaking & Kawa Hot Bath at the Kayak Inn

Address: Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao, Antique
Contact Number: (0908) 504-3463 | (0921) 570-1947
Email: tribaladventures@gmail.com


You may also contact Katahum Tours:

Address: Tibiao, Antique

Mobile numbers: (0919) 813-9893 and (0917) 631-5777.

Website: www.katahum.com.


Well, you can say i enjoyed a lot! 


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