Be Wanderlust

The really great thing about traveling is that every destination carries its own tune, its own innate experiences, and its own vibe. I think one will find what they’re looking for, but then again, make sure that you visit places that will mean something to you.

One time, one acquaintance told me that maybe, the reason why I keep on traveling is that I am trying to find myself. That thought left hanging at one part of my mind. From time to time I would go back to that thought. But at the end of each travel I make, I realize that searching for life’s meaning and finding one’s self is a lifelong process. The things I learn about myself along the way can be quite rewarding and give much insight into the world around me.

I have started traveling several years ago, most of the time just tagging along with other people who has this wanderlust attitude; on several occasions I would travel alone. And I learned that traveling solo, without friends, could actually be rewarding too since it gives me a chance to be alone and do what I want to do. Or, if you have friends you can travel with who are on a similar journey, all the better!

Traveling has become a passion. But I would not want to call it an itch, but more of a coop up of livid balls of fire shelling against every corner in the chasm of my soul. When I think of traveling, this cage inside me grows smaller, and these fireballs are ignited–I feel that I am on edge.

I know I have made several blogs about why I travel. But then again, whenever I travel, I keep on gaining more reasons why I should travel. Why WE should travel. In a seemingly fast changing world like ours today, where stressors has been a part of our daily life encounters — to travel is a way of liberating our mind of tangles and worries. And so I dare yourself to ignite sparks you never knew you had in your taste buds, and live off a backpack’s worth of contents. Traveling offers that natural ecstatic high, which is a million times more enhancing than any doping substance you have in mind.

 School and work are certainly essential, but I have come to ascertain that they are not the most important things in life (and I am not saying this just because I feel like I’ m so stressed with my thesis). I mean, escalating your horizons can have more influence on you as a person than spending time sitting in a classroom. I understand Zamboanga and its people better when I had the chance to see the place and mingle with the locals than if I were just reading about them in a book. I have come to appreciate Siquijor and got away from the negative notions (like witches and sorcerers) about the place when I spent a day around the island.


 Furthermore, all these places we dream of visiting will be gone eventually from swiftly changing cultures, environmental quandary and endangered places. Travel, not only before they are gone, but before you are gone. Remember, we aren’t getting any younger. Now is the time. Get rid of those possible “What ifs” later in the future. My 7th visit to Sagada has proven me one thing, a lot of things could change over time. Some things you once saw may not be the very same thing you would see again; and there are those things one “might” be seeing for the last time.

Life is short. In the now generation, I have become more guarded of current events and nonstop yet tangible boundaries. I have developed this thirst of achievable stories to tell to my family members and friends. I am part of that seed of a budding vine of wanderlusts.

 At the end of the day, it will always boil down to one’s most personal and passionate thought. As for me, pursuing what I really love, that is traveling, is therapeutic. As I am at it, my views on life will change as I get to decide what to do every single day. Traveling is a way of searching one’s core, of finding one’s self. To travel is to let go of my hang-ups and to liberate my soul. And I need it.

Don’t be a wasted soul, be JUANderlust. Take it easy everyJuan.