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Bud Bongao (Tawi-tawi, PH)

You haven’t been to Tawi-tawi if you didn’t go climb its highest peak (422 masl) – Bud Bongao. This is what most travelers would say when advising someone who plans to go on… Continue reading

Sitangkai: Seaweed Capital (Tawi-tawi, PH)

If there is one place in Tawi-tawi that was initially at the top of my list, that has to be the island municipality of Sitangkai. For several years, I have read that this sword-shaped… Continue reading

Saluag Island (Sikulan): Tawi-tawi, PH

My most recent trip made me channel the maritime explorer in me and set out to navigate the farthest reaches of the Philippine archipelago. Last year, I was fortunate to have set foot… Continue reading

Let’s Eat: Tawi-tawi Food

One thing I look forward during a visit to a new place is the food. My recent trip to the Philippines southernmost province, Tawi-tawi, was a feast not only to the sense of… Continue reading

Omapuy Island (Tawi-tawi, PH)

The happiness of travelling relies on the individual meaning we attach to it. To some, it means indulging on a lavish and comfortable trip on well-known tourist attractions; to others, it is about… Continue reading