Experience Bohol Beyond the Chocolate Hills & the Tarsiers

Bohol, without a doubt is one of the Philippines’ prime travel destinations. Majority of foreign and local tourists come the island province to do beach bumming at Alona Beach in Panglao, go island-hopping to see dolphins and snorkel, and visit the Chocolate Hills, the mangrove forest, and the famed tarsier (as part of the regular countryside tour).

Stand up paddle boarding

But if you are looking for other things to do because this is your nth visit to the island or maybe you just want go against the usual touristy activities, then read along.

Do STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDING. Test your balance and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Bohol while you do stand up paddle boarding. You can also do this in Loboc River should you not want to do the usual river boat cruise.

Kayaking? More fun in Bohol!

KAYAKING. Besides Boracay, Bohol beach resorts also offer the crystal kayak experience for your Instagram needs. But of course, for adrenaline junkie like me, open sea water kayaking alone or with a friend is beyond more exciting to do.

ATV ride in Carmen, Bohol.

ATV RIDE at the foot of the Chocolate Hills. To most visitors, seeing the famous Chocolate Hills atop its viewdeck is their way of appreciating the natural wonders. However, for someone like me whose seen it from that vantage point several times, it gets boring. So the last time I was in Bohol, my family and friends opted to see the hills from the ground as we each rode and drive an ATV. It was a more up-close and personal experience!

Bohol sunrise – stunning!

SUNRISE VIEWING. Most beaches I know are known for their spectacular sundown. For most people, sunset is more accessible to them since waking up early may pose a challenge. As a person who likes waking up early, I enjoy waiting for the sun to rise and marvel the glow and color it showcases from the horizon. I must say that Bohol’s sunrise is one of the most majestic I’ve ever seen.

Thank you Doc Jitt for sharing this photo of yours. (@aren_emdi on IG)

Go CHASE SOME WATERFALLS. While not really the island’s major attraction drawer, one will be surprised that Bohol actually has several lovely waterfalls in the more tucked parts of the province. There’s Mag-aso Falls in the town of Antequera, and lately, the municipality of Candijay is gaining popularity because of the towering Can-umantad Falls.

Dumong Sandbar in Tubigon.

EXPLORE LESSER KNOWN SANDBARS. I personally do not like tourist spots that gets crowded. While the sandbar of Virgin Island is really beautiful and long, there are other sandbars you might want to go and experience like the Dumong sandbar in Tubigon.

So there. Actually, there are mooooore things to see and do in Bohol besides the usual itinerary one does. So the next time you find yourself wandering the island, go for the unpopular things to do and places to visit.

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