Mangan! Baguio’s Growing Food Truck Scene

One of the trends in the food sector lately is the putting up of a food truck business. A food truck is a vehicle with a kitchen to make and serve food. In Baguio City, they started popping up during the pandemic. I think entrepreneurs opt for such because purchasing (ore renting) a restaurant location is very expensive, while food trucks are much more affordable. Here are some food trucks in the city of Baguio I have tried.

One of the food trucks in the city.

YOLK: This Korean egg sandwich food truck is one of the first ones to pop out. Strategically located at the bike area of Burnham Park, this food outlet gained outright popularity from among tourists and locals alike because of its prime location. In fact, they bow have a 2nd branch at SM City Baguio!

Egg drop sandwich from Yolk

LE BLOOM MOBILE CAFE: This is a food and drinks mobile cafe at the Rose Garden in Burnham Park. Just like Yolk, the location is perfect. It is very accessible for visitors and locals who do zumba and jogging at the area. They offer some really good hot and iced drinks. But the star of this cafe is their strawberry doughnut (which I personally loooove)! And just like Yolk, after a year or so, they managed to open another branch at SM City Baguio!

The uber delicious strawberry donut of Le Bloom.

At one point this year, a food truck alley was put up at the side of SM City Baguio which I think is really a lovely idea for an al fresco dining. There were 3 food trucks there then to which I bought food from each truck.

GYPSY WAGON: The food it offers is Asian (Japanese). I opted to have chicken yakisoba from them – and this was probably one of the most disappointing I have ever tried here in Baguio. I have previously read very hyped comments about Gypsy Wagon that their food is good. Unfortunately, to me it was so bad. Bad taste, bad noodles. Then I wanted to try the strawberry iced tea and tofu hoping it’ll make up for that bad noodle experience but they were not available. Pretty disappointing!

Food from Gypsy Wagon, Craft Burger and GastroJeep.

GASTROJEEP: This food truck primarily offers the classic street foods. I went for the mixed streetfood so I could eat bits and pieces of the usual street food we have come to love like fish ball, squid balls, kikiam etc and went for a glass of gulaman. Well its a classic street food so no big expectations.

CRAFT BURGERRRR. So obviously, they sell burgers, biiiig ones (and lots of options). Since I am not a burger person, I just went for their fries. I had the fries with pepperoni and cheese which was generally okay.

I think there is one more food truck I haven’t tried in the city and that is Blue Carrot. It’s location usually changes. For the last 3 food trucks I mentioned here, they are no longer at SM City Baguio so they are probably roaming around the city too.


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