La Union: Ragsak Cafe (Happiness in a Bowl)

Ragsak is an Ilocano word that means happiness. And true to this cafe/resto’s name, the foodplace intends to make every diner happy with what they eat and drink.

Eat happy!

Location: Tescom Building, Mcarthur Highway, Poblacion East, Rosario, La Union, Philippines

Thanks to Eugene Laporga for creating this reel of Ragsak Cafe

Ragsak aims to be a complete family (and friends) food and fun hub. The 1st floor is where the actual cafe is. It’s interior is primarilymade of wood crafts and warm lights for that homey ambiance. Ragsak’s vision is to be the go-to local cafe – and a fun vibe to keep local people returning and guest ravings!

Just a quarter of their menu!

Ragsak Cafe’s menu is crafted from family’s roots, and their love for food! From their food, coffee, tea and cocktails, Ragsak intends to offer something for everybody!

The 2nd floor of Ragsak is an abode for more fun and excitement. After a filling experience at their main cafe, one could enjoy some great time at their videoke rooms. So whether you are a singet or you just love belting outyour favorite karaoke song, gamer or not, just go and check outRagsak’s videoke rooms and game pods!

***By the way, the main food offerings of the cafe include various “silog” bowls and “lugaw” or porridge bowls. These bowls collectively called “incredi-bowls” are intended to be affordable to cater students and locals of the town. Check out their FB and IG pages for their complete menu!

Lastly, Ragsak Cafe has rooftop that is also open for an alfresco dining or a place for an after-work happy hour bonding with friends and family..

Ragsak’s roofdeck

So if you happen to be in this side of Elyu, make sure to drop by and try Ragsak’s food and drinks.



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