La Union: Ragsak Cafe (Happiness in a Bowl)

Ragsak is an Ilocano word that means happiness. And true to this cafe/resto’s name, the foodplace intends to make every diner happy with what they eat and drink.

Location: Tescom Building, Poblacion East, Rosario, La Union, Philippines

Posting complete menu soon.

The main food offerings of the cafe include various “silog” bowls and “lugaw” or porridge bowls. These bowls collectively called “incredi-bowls” are intended to be affordable to cater students and locals of the town.

They will also offer various drinks to cater the young and the old – from Benguet/Batangas black coffee to milk tea drinks and family-made cocktail drinks that will be served at the cafe’s roofdeck!

So if you happen to be in this side of Elyu, make sure to drop by and try Ragsak’s food and drinks.


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