Bridal Veil Falls (Benguet, PH)

Many quiet rivers start from noisy waterfalls, but none of them jumps and does not foam up to the sea. But it is often a sign of great peace of mind, and hidden forces… — Mikhail Lermontov


Waterfalls have extraordinary power and beauty of nature… sparkling and splashing, breaking into a thousand rubble of mist.

If you are making your way to Baguio City (via Kennon Road), did you know that there are 4 waterfalls you can visit? Two of which are very much accessible from the highway and the other 2 require a little time of sauntering.


The easiest, most accessible to reach from among the 4 is the Bridal Veil Falls in camp One, Tuba , Benguet. Two to three kilometres away from the border of La Union – Benguet via Kennon Road, this waterfall is visible from the road.


The name is coined from what it looks like a veil of a woman who is going to marry. From a bird’s eye view, it really does resemble like that of a long, flowing veil from a firm rock wall. The water pours down from a towering height before it crashes into a shady catch basin enclosed by boulders.


While it is true that one may admire the waterfalls from afar, it is still best to come near it and experience its water. Getting to the base of the waterfalls is pretty a walk in the park. That is, if one is okay with crossing a quite daunting hanging foot bridge that is noticeably seen from the highway. Well, it isn’t really that difficult to cross the bridge (even if it screeches and swings a bit).


Generally, the waterfall was imposing. It was a tad difficult to take a photo of its entirety due to its stature. During the time of our visit in 2009, the water falling wasn’t that full and strong. And it was already quite a sight to see. I wonder how mighty and stunning it would be during the rainy season.


Bridal Veil Falls would be a good side trip when you go to Baguio City or maybe when you go down via Kennon Road. It is easy to spot it since it is just along the road. Other waterfalls you can visit along Kennon Road are Canyon Falls in Camp 3, Hydro Falls in Camp 6, and Colorado Falls in Camp 4. I will do a separate blog for each of those other waterfalls soon.

Totoy days...

Totoy days…

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